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Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf Guide - Becoming A Werewolf, Curing The Curse, Werewolf Skills & Abilities, and Power Leveling Werewolf

2019-05-14 09:37:21

I constantly see people asking for Vampire or Werewolf bites in Elder Scrolls Online community. Many players are wondering whether it is necessary to become a Vampire or Werewolf. And if you do, then how to become a Vampire or Werewolf. Since we’ve covered how to become a vampire in last article. So, today, in this Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf Guide, Joymmo.com will tell you how to become a werewolf.


How To Become A Werewolf?

You can only become a Werewolf by getting infected with Lycanthropy from a Werewolf or by buying it for 1500 Crowns in the Crown Store. If you don't have enough crowns then you'll need to be infected by a Player Werewolf or an NPC Werewolf but not just any NPC Werewolf will infect you, only special ones that spawn in special locations on full moons. Alternatively, you can come to Joymmo.com for Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Items.

Full moons occur approximately every 8 real days and last 1.5 real days. Server restarts also sometimes reset the moon cycle so you should check daily where the cycle is currently.

To increase your chance of getting bite, make sure you have access to all three zones. Bankori, The Rift, and Reaper's March, where the NPC Werewolves spwan on a Full Moon. Make sure you have wayshrines unlocked before hand. The addon Destinations can help with spawn locations. Now just wait for night time in game. Go through each of the zone's spawn locations. I have always made at least two trips through each spawn location. If you don't find any, wait an hour or two and try again. I think there are 2 or 3 game days per 24 hour real time. So check in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you do get infected in a zone other than you factions zone, you will need to go back to your factions zone to do the quest.

How to Cure Lycanthropy?

Of course we would have to include the antidote – many people enroll in the ranks of ESO Werewolves or Vampires to try them and change their minds afterwards.

You can cure Lycanthropy. You just need to visit the same NPC that started the werewolf quest and she will tell you that instead of going to Hircine, you should visit NPC in a nearby town who will remove the disease for a price. It is important to know that if you ever decide to become a werewolf again you will not start as a brand new werewolf but you will continue from whatever level you reached in the werewolf skill line before you got cured.

Werewolf Skills & Abilities

After completing Hircine’s Gift quest, you’ll gain access to a special skill line, found under World Skills tab. The skills can be used while you are transformed into werewolf.
+10,000 Physical and Spell Resistance
+30% Max Stamina
+30% Increased Movement Speed
+15% Stamina Recovery
+18% Weapon Damage
+100% Stamina return from Heavy Attacks
+25% Damage from Poison attacks (Weapon Enchants, Abilities, and Weapon Poisons)
+20% Damage from Fighters Guild Skills

Power Leveling Your Wolf

Your Werewolf skills only increase when you kill while in Werewolf form. This can be very difficult if you plan on doing it legitimately since Werewolf form is limited to a few seconds before you turn back to your humanoid form. Also, all enemies give the same amount of experience (for the Werewolf rank)so it's better to attack weaker enemies since they die faster. 

Killing goats is the best choice, as goats don't fight back and they die in one hit so you can hit the whole place in under a minute. There are totally 43 goats in Oasis. In addition, a little north of the oasis (between the Wayshrine and the Dolmen) is another large area with tons of goats.
At first you will only be able to kill 10 to 20 goats before you run out of time, but as you level up Werewolf and unlock passive skills, you will be able to stay in werewolf form for much much longer.