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Far Cry 5 Guide - How to Get Perk Points ( Skill Points) Fast and Easy

2019-05-31 09:19:42

To survive in the wild world in the game Far Cry 5, players need to stock a kind of in-game currency-Perk Points or Skill Points to unlock more skills,particularly towards the late game stages when fights get tougher and the health bars get longer. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stock up perk points in Far Cry 5. below, Joymmo.com has outlined some most efficient ways to make sure your back pocket stuffed with perk points at all times.

How to Get Perk Points or Skill Points in Far Cry 5?

Prepper Stashes

If you come across a prepper stash in Far Cry 5, raid it immediately. These are highlighted on your map with a diamond icon. To find Prepper Stashes, keep an eye out for any NPC with a blue?diamond over their head. These are people who will give you the location of a stash on your map. Once you discover the stash and you will be rewarded with a bunch of perk magazines, granting you perk points, along with a load of cash.

Do Challenges

Another way to farm perk points is to do various challenges in the game. These perk challenges are divided into four categories: Assault perks, World perks, Guns for Hire perks, and Hunting perks. Completing a challenge from any of these categories rewards players with 1-4 perk points that can then be distributed to unlock the desired perks. Since there are a lot of challenges tied to various weapon archetypes from RPG to pistol, we recommend you that when you find a new gun it’s always good to check the challenges list to see if you can snag a few extra skill points for getting kills with it. 

To see a full list of perk challenges in each category, open up your menu and head to the tab marked with the medal icon, where you can scroll through the different challenges and corresponding perk points.

Do the same for throwing knives, takedowns, and every explosive from dynamite to molotovs and you’ll be in a good position to pick up some starting perks.

You can also get perk points in Far Cry Arcade. The higher level you are in Arcane, the more perk points you can earn and you can use these perk points to buy perks in the main Far Cry 5 campaign.

In addition,hunting animals in the wild not only can net you some money by trading their skin, but also rewards with you some perk points. At the beginning of the game, it’s an incredibly easy way to stock up a ton of points.

Now you know how to farm perk points in Far Cry 5. Last, stay tuned to Joymmo.com. Not only can you get all the latest news and pro guides on Far Cry 5, but also you can enjoy Cheapest Far Cry 5 Credits with fast delivery here.