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How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy XIV

2019-05-31 01:24:54

Final Fantasy XIV is about to increase its level cap with the Shadowbringers expansion, meaning there’s never been a better time to level grind a few extra classes to the current cap. In this guide, Joymmo.com will share with you some advice to get all your jobs to level 70 fast and easy in Final Fantasy XIV?

If it's your first character, the MSQ will take you most of the way. Supplement XP with sidequests if you want, or stuff like dungeons, PvP, Palace of the dead, ect. It shouldn't require much though, MSQ is super generous. Daily Roulletes are likely the only thing you will need to use to supplement leveling up.

If it's a new job and you already have done the MSQ, then it will depend on the role. Dungeons are best (though avoid level 50 and 60 dungeons) but queue time plays a role here. For tanks, dungeons are surefire the best, and probably for healers too. For DPS, you will want to make use of Palace of the dead, at least till 50, though many take it to 60. After that though dungeons are the best way to go, so find some stuff you can do waiting for queues to pop. Make sure to make use of stuff like the Hunting Log, and do your daily roulette. Make sure especially to unlock the 24-man roulette, it gives mad XP.

For crafting, it’s the same story as gathering, though collectables are a bit different. For crafting you want to check the board and see if any are really cheap. If they are, it can be worth to grind via collectables. Isgardian Muffin is famous for this. Aside from that, there are crafting beast tribes you can take advantage of. if you do have no time on crafting, you can purchase materials you want with Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

For gathering, it's all about levels, though you can start doing collectables for XP as well once you hit Heavensward. Usually Collectables become worth it about 55ish/65ish, as you start getting scripts. Make sure to do the weekly special deliveries, though once you get one maxed it’s usually better to do them on a maxed character for the yellow scripts. Make sure to do grand company turn-ins as well.

Making dungeons go faster. The best tip for this is to do the entire dungeon like as if it were one big boss fight. Use your damage cool downs on trash. Trash is 90% of the dungeon. Make it die faster. Stuff that dies faster has less time to kill the tank and is less stress on the healer. Tanks use cool downs on trash If you don’t know if you can handle it use a cool down. Keep one up at all times. Don’t blow them all at once. Your healer will love you and it will let them dps more. If your healer gets to dps stuff dies faster. The dungeon goes faster. Also be friendly. Say Hi when you enter one and thanks for the party when you finish the run. Happy people are more likely to try harder resulting in faster runs.

That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps!