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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Choose Your Class and Starting Job

2019-07-12 00:55:23

Choosing your class and job is very important, since you have to play with it the entire game. So, if you just bought the game and are seeking advice on how to decide on a main job to play. Here 5mmo will give you some tips, so you can pick the class that fits you best.

Start with whichever looks and sounds the most appealing to you :) Once you hit level 10 and did the appropriate class and story quest for that level, you are free to switch to any base class you want on the same character and level something else should you not enjoy your first pick (aside from expansion jobs, those are locked til lvl 50).

Both Whitemage and Paladin are very straightforward jobs of their respective roles, though Warrior is another tank option that starts at level 1, if you'd prefer something with a bit more oomph.

As for servers: By default, the game will try to push you towards a "prefered world". Those are servers that are currently a bit on the low side of things, populationwise, so stay away from those if you want a big community on yours. That means you miss out on a lot of awesome boons though, like a crazy strong exp buff, free ingame currency, and even free playtime which you get for playing on a prefered world and which ofc make it easy to level up there.

The biggest NA servers are Balmung, Gilgamesh and Leviathan, but keep in mind that they are sometimes locked to character creation, so you might need to wait for early morning hours to create a character there (or just go for a sliightly less big server instead, like Cactuar, Excalibur, Hyperion or Sargatanas).

Be aware though that most content in FFXIV is instanced and can be played cross-server (and the game has great matchmaking tools for that), so the size of your server's community may be less important than you think. It still affects some things (especially social stuff like guilds, but also the player economy and how easy/hard it is to gind players for open-world content like FATEs, hunts, treasure maps and the like). But if you are all about dungeons and raiding only, your server selection doesn't matter for those.

If gear is the reason you don't want to play Dragoon, keep in mind you can change to look of your gear. You can unlock the glamour system at level 15.

I forgot to add, unlock Palace of the Dead. You have a separate level inside the Palace and can easily outlevel your actual level while you're in there. Once you finish floor 50 and do a side quest you can start on floor 51 and you will automatically be level 50 with all your skills (assuming you go in at level 30+ with your job crystal equipped). I like to go to floor 51 by myself to try out all my level 50 skills. You can generally get a decent idea of how the class plays when you do this. Obviously this won't work as well for healers and tanks.

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