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Far Cry 5 expedition skills and precautions

2019-05-28 12:57:13

There are a total of seven expeditions in Far Cry 5. Expeditionary is a replica of the mode. In this mode, you fly by helicopter to another part of the United States to retrieve material stolen by highwaymen. Today, We are going to introduce the expedition skills of Far Cry 5 to you. We hope it will be helpful to you.

Once the package is found, the GPS for the package will activate within 30 seconds, and upon activation, it will send your location to all enemies. The countdown will begin immediately after the 30 seconds have passed. There will be a total of 2 minutes, you need to go to the evacuation point and hold on until the plane lands.

Complete the expedition with a large amount of material and unlock the next difficulty level of the expedition. The only difference between expeditions of different difficulty levels is that your starting point and evacuation point will be different, and packages will be in different positions and enemies will be stronger. But if you have a lot of elite weapons, it's very easy. (If your Far Cry 5 Credits inventory is running low, consider buying them from Online Game Currency & Money Seller such as JOYMMO.COM.)

Usually, if you're spotted by the enemy, they'll fire a flare to call in reinforcements, so stealth probably won't be very successful. You can complete the expedition online with a friend or bring a mercenary, which makes it much easier.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: In Neiva River crossing (Walkthrough)

The Neiva River bridge is the only remaining bridge over the Colorado river in Arizona. This expedition is also easy because you won't encounter many enemies until you get the package. Some of the highwaymen settled on the remaining Bridges over the Colorado river, charging exorbitant tolls to anyone who tried to cross. If necessary, slip under the bridge to avoid detection.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: H.M.S. MacCoubrey (Walkthrough)

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: H.M.S. MacCoubrey (Walkthrough)
H.M.S. MacCoubrey is an old aircraft carrier that ran aground in Florida. The phantom ship arrived on the shore some time ago. A group of highwaymen took advantage of the ship to shelter themselves and their goods. The expedition was easier because there were very few enemies on board.

The best way to do this is to sneak up the ladder from the stern and look for the pink smoke signal to find the package and avoid unnecessary combat. Take the package to the evacuation point and wait for the plane to arrive while you destroy the pursuing enemy at the evacuation point, then destroy the most dangerous enemy before the plane takes off so as not to destroy the helicopter.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: Five-star theme park (Walkthrough)
An abandoned theme park in Louisiana. It was flooded and covered with vegetation. The swamp around the theme park gradually receded, allowing highwaymen to come in and strip it of its resources. Here you will have to deal with the threat from crocodiles, whenever you cross the water, you need to pay attention to not only the highwaymen, but also the crocodiles in the water. But because the area is so open, it's often easy to avoid unnecessary fights. There won't be a lot of cars chasing you during the final evacuation, so don't worry too much here, just be extra careful of the enemies near the package location.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: I.S.S. crashed

A crashed space station caught the attention of highwaymen, who launched a campaign to strip it of its remaining rare materials. This expedition is very random, and sometimes your starting point might be a good place to start, with lots of bunkers and some open areas for evacuation. Sometimes you may be reborn in a narrow ravine, which makes you very vulnerable to vehicle attacks, or hit by a lot of rpg-owning enemies - there will be a lot of rpg-owning enemies refreshing in this expedition.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: Wreckage of a government plane

A high-tech plane has crashed in Iowa, bringing to the attention of highway robbers who raid the area for the most advanced equipment before anyone else. The highwaymen have set up a stronghold here. The enemies in this expedition are very scattered, and it only takes two or three enemies to find the package.

The downside is that the evacuation point is located in a very open area, with almost no cover, so you have to get out of position to avoid damage and constantly kill the pursuing enemy, as well as possibly taking damage from the sniper. Be careful.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: Alcatraz island

Alcatraz had become a stronghold for the highwaymen, who used the isolated fortress to preserve and protect all their possessions. The expedition took place at alcatraz prison in San Francisco. It may also be the most difficult of the seven expeditionary missions.
Because stealth is difficult to accomplish and requires a close encounter with a well-equipped enemy. The biggest problem is that once you enter the prison, packages are randomly placed inside a locked cell door, unlike any other expedition. When you pick up a package you will attract a lot of enemies, and they will not be too far away from you, so they will come very quickly. As soon as you are discovered, you need to deal with attacks from all directions at the same time, so be prepared for treatment at all times. Once the package is found, head to the nearest exit and to the evacuation point. Clear the aircraft before landing so that it is not destroyed.

Far Cry New Dawn Expedition: Nuclear power plant

Highwaymen take over an abandoned nuclear power plant in an attempt to obtain rare materials from it. You will likely be surrounded by many enemies on this expedition, similar to alcatraz. And the evacuation point is random, you can choose any route to escape. Sometimes the evacuation point will be very far away from the package, which will lead to a pursuit battle with the enemy. The worst case scenario is that the evacuation point is very close to the package, which requires you to kill a large number of enemies before the plane lands, and to ensure that the helicopter is not destroyed before you get on board and take off completely.

The location and internal layout of the 7 expeditions are different, but the gameplay is the same. All you need to do is sneak into the position, find the package, and then head to the evacuation point and make a successful evacuation. A pink flash will help you identify the package. Far Cry 5 Credits is necessary if you want to complete your expedition. You can buy Far Cry 5 Silver Bars at our website for cars, weapons and ammunition. Click on "Buy Far Cry 5 Credits Now" to get to the link page for the purchase order and get the deal done in 5 minutes.