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GTA Online Contact Missions Guide: Best Contact Missions, How To Play And Make Money

2019-04-10 09:19:49

Contact Missions are an important source of money in GTA Online. At the start of GTA Online, players can get access to only a few of Contact Missions. As the player's rank increases, they will be able to unlock more and more new missions. Therefore, in this GTA Online Contact Mission Guide, we show you some best contact missions to go and how to make big Grand Theft Auto V Money from them.


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Waht are the best contact missions in GTA Online

Well, there is no definite answer here. It depends what you mean by "best". Easiest? Fastest? Most fun? However, we just recommend top10 contact missions for grinding solo for multiple money quickly, in the video below. As you can see, all of these missions pay over $10,050 at 4+ minutes at normal pay outs. The double cash makes them all pay over $20.1k and they all can be done solo. A Deluxo make doing them a breeze. You can do all 10 contact missions and make $217,128 in just under 1 hour while using just one set of armor and one clip of ammo.That is an average of $54,282 every 15 minutes. If you are tired of doing missions, you can also buy Cheap GTA 5 Money right from our Joymmo.com, a top and reliable in-game currency seller.




Here's a list of all the missions involved:

Trash Talk
Rooftop Rumble
Defender (6-8 min)
Holed Up - Burton
Cleaning the Cat House
Editor and Thief
Mixed Up With Coke
Checkout Time
Water The Vineyard

What is the best way to make money with contact missions? How much can I make?

Completing missions gives job points (JP), money (GTA$), and reputation points (RP). now the payouts depends on many factors. Here are two main factors:

Difficulty. Easy difficulty gives basic payout. On medium and hard difficulties payments increase by 25% and 50% respectively.

Duration. The reward is also time-based. If you accomplish a mission longer than 15 minutes, you get full payout. If you complete it faster, the payout goes down. the best way to make money is to complete missions in a bit more than 4 minutes. Here are the reward list:

90% at 12–15 minutes;
80% at 10–12 minutes;
70% at 8–10 minutes;
60% at 6–8 minutes;
50% at 4–6 minutes;
37,5% at 3–4 minutes;
25% at 2–3 minutes;
12,5% if you accomplish a mission faster than in 2 minutes.

Taking into account 1 minute of lobby time between missions, completing missions just above the 4-minutes mark allows you to make an average of $9600 per 5 minutes, which makes $115k/h, solo, in Hard difficulty.
On the other hand, if you spend 15 minutes per mission, you'll make around $80k/h. You make more per mission, but less per minute (or hour) spent playing so it's better to complete missions relatively quickly instead of waiting to get a larger pay.

How do I play contact missions?

Option 1: bring up your phone and call a contact (Gerald, Simeon, Ron...), and ask them for a job. Then check your phone, you'll receive an invite to a random job via the Job List app (orange icon in the middle).

Option 2: go to the pause menu > Online > Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created > Missions. You have to be in a Public or Invite Only session to access Missions this way. Being in an Invite Only session allows you to start missions without dealing without random people joining, which is good if you want to stay alone or with select friends.

Option 3: if none of these options work, have a friend start a contact mission and invite you. You should then be able to start missions yourself.

Now we are wrapped up with this GTA Online Contact Mission Guide. Hopefully, with this guide, you can make unlimited money within hours.