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Kritika Online Guide: How to Level Up Fast as New Players

2019-04-20 01:23:47

Today, I’m here to share to you how to level up fast in Kritika Online (SEA) regardless of FTG limit or without spending cash for energy drink. However, if you are a person who pays to win in the game, Joymmo.com should be your first choice, as you can recharge Cheap Kritika Gold at the cheapest price online. How, let’s for for tips on how to level fast in Kritika Online for new players.


Kritika Online


Choose Your Character

If you are new to Kritika, then follow this guide, this will be the "Basics" of the game. First you will of course, make a new character of your choice. I recommend choosing the Season character as your first character as it gives you boost to kick start your game. However, you can choose what you wanna choose in the game.

Start The Game

At the beginning of the game, just complete the tutorial, and note if you can auto, just do it or if you wanna enjoy killing the enemies by yourself, go ahead and do it. Along the tutorial you will be asked to do some opening if chest or whatever not. Just do it.

Journey On

As you grow, you will start to need more CP, that is when enhancing your equipment, Level up your skills, Gems and meteorites will help. As with equipment, my suggestion to you is to hit every 10 levels before upgrading your equipment, that way you can save some gold for the next set. Upgrade the ones which gives you Attack and Critical Rate first. As with skills, There are 3 types of skill set you can choose from - Magic/Physical or Both together. you level up all the skills once you reach level 30.




Steps to Level up

Before we show you how to level up in each stage, here’s something you should keep in mind. At a certain point, you will hit a wall where your CP is much lower than the stage requirement, even if your level is higher. This is because your gears are not sufficient (epic and legendaries properly leveled up). To solve this problem, you need to farm lower level stages as much as possible and then you will be able to equip higher level equipment which wont need to be epic or legendary.

Level 25-35
World 3, Stage 4 - (4143 CP at hard mode, 4k exp)
if your gear is mostly green and/or non enhanced blue. Highly recommended if you are under 30. 
World 3 Stage 6 - (6178 CP at hard mode, 5k exp and enhance sapphires drop for extra gold)
I would recommend this stage if you are 25+ with decent epic gears or 30+ with rare gears. 
Level 35 - 50
World 4 Stage 4 (12042 CP at Easy, 7k Exp)
Highly recommended to grind here if you are under level 40 since you will most likely have trouble in other modes.
World 4 Stage 4 (13341 CP at Normal, 8k Exp)
Recommended for players level 40+ with decent updated gears to their level 
World 4 Stage 4 (15290 CP at Hard, 11k Exp)
Doable if you are 45+ with level 40 gears if they are mostly epic rarity at least with proper enhancement or updated rare gears. 
level 50-55
World 5 Stage 6 (15k exp at Easy, 17k expat Normal and 22k at @ hard)
I would recommend grinding here when your CP is around 45k+ for easy and 50k+ for normal. To achieve this you will need to craft epic gears and enhance them properly, which may be time consuming.