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DC Universe Online Quark And Time Capsule Guide

2019-04-22 09:35:35

The Quark is a new kind of currency in DC Universe that can be spend at a new Rewards From Time And Space vendor located in your HQs, for an assortment of all-new Materials and Auras, tactical mods, consumables, and more. 

DC Universe Online

How to Earn Quarks?

In DC Universe, there is only one way to get Quarks - open Time Capsules. All Time Capsules, previous and current, will give Quarks. A minimum of 10 Quarks is guaranteed when opening a Time Capsule and 10 Quarks in the Sub-Capsules as a choice in the loot picker window. So you're looking at a possible 20 Quarks in a Time Capsule. There is a chance of having more than 10 Quarks in a Time Capsule. The increments are random and maxes out at 100 Quarks.

How to Spend Quarks?

The Quark is a new currency in DC Universe, with which you can purchase items that can not be found in any Time Capsules from Time and Space Vendors. This Vendor Only uses Quarks for its Currency. These items have NO Feats except the Resplendent Cache. You can buy Cheap DC Universe Cash at Joymmo.com to buy items from other vendors.

Here are the Time and Space Vendor locations:
Heroes - Watchtower and Police Stations
Villains - Hall of Doom and Nightclubs

How to Open Time Capsule for Free?

To open a capsule, you’ll need a Stabilizer. You can obtain a stabilizer either by purchasing one from the Marketplace for 100 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (Console), or putting Stabilizer Fragments together for a full stabilizer. Instead of spending money, here’s how you gonna unlock Time Capsule for free:

if you haven't bought any stabilizers and have not gotten extra fragments in the capsules themselves, and if you've run the training event every day, you will have opened:

Legendary Members = 60 capsules
Premium Members = 40 capsules
Free-to-play = 30 capsules

With the odds what they are, the chances of completing any collection or armor set with that many capsules opened is, let's see, just about nil. To complete anything, a person who hasn't bought stabilizers would have to be exceptionally lucky or have spent a good chunk of in-game cash on the broker.

Capsules have been available since August 24th. The Amazon capsules replaced the originals on November 17th, and the Qwardian capsule replaced the Amazons on January 4th. If you started opening the new capsules as soon as they came out, legendary members would have been able to open 34 of the original for free, 19 of the Amazon for free and 7 so far of the Qwardian for free.

What Time Capsule is Worth The Most to Open And Sell The Contents?

I would recommend the regular “Time Capsule” with the Future Crusader boxes quite valuable as the Lantern Corp emblems sell decently too. Otherwise Paradox and Gotham Time Capsules are fine too as the Beyond and Speed-Metal boxes sell decently too. Cursed Gotham is pretty decent too but there is no big jackpot at the end of the road on this time capsule.

Just remember to never nab the belts, boots, gloves and etc as they usually don’t sell too high, you gotta check your Broker on which parts sell high and what are currently selling low on the market within that certain time capsule you are opening.

If it is an enhanced equipment item you get out of a capsule, make sure to know the items price as it can sometimes be quite low like 300k-800k and you are better off grabbing the collection item or the emblem. However sometimes the enhanced equipment can be worth 1-4mil, so know your prices of the stuff in the specific time capsule you are opening. Enhanced emblems and regular emblems are usually sold for the same prices.

Avoid Abyssal, Atlantean, and Kryptonian Time Capsules.

Amazon Time Capsule is sub-par, so is Qwartian, Team-Up and Arcane. Only open these if you are aiming for the rare collection material as the equipment/boxes you get from these are usually not sold too high on the market, expect to play the long game with these capsules.