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MapleStory 2 Guide: How to Climb to Level 60 Fast

2019-04-20 01:19:30

As you progress through in MapleStory, you will be faced with tougher and tougher monsters or quests. The best way to deal with them is to get stronger. Therefore, we Joymmo.com made up this guide to show you how to level to level 60 fast in MapleStory 2.


Leveling Guide


Level 1-50

Focus on The Main Quests

For real, though. Don’t leave your main quests behind. The main quest reward gives so much EXP that you can make it to level 50 easily in approximately eight hours. if you want even more EXP, you can take up various side quests instead. These specific missions are scattered across the open world and can be identified with the blue exclamation point floating above an NPC’s head.

However, do not get sidetracked by side quests! Plenty of chances, later on, to get back and finish them if you are still curious about the story. Side quests are mostly intriguing and memorable stories so you wouldn't miss out much by focusing on the main story.

Map Exploration and Clearing Enemy Mobs

Throughout the map, you will be able to find many exploration goals. you should aim to complete these goals as if you succeed you will able to earn a couple hundred thousand XP. Especially, you can find monsters nearly everywhere on the world map, with enemies clumped together in a certain spot. Try heading to a certain area where enemies are about two or three levels higher than your to level up fast.


Another way to earn some decent amount of XP is to do Dungeons. Sometimes they are easy and sometimes they are hard. but if you complete them successfully you can earn a lot of XP easily.

Level 50-60

Hunt World Bosses

For those uninitiated, World Bosses currently give around 15% exp from level 50 onwards. You can buy powerful weapons with Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos at Joymmo.com as assistance. This is by far the fastest way to level 60. In addition, Mk-52 from DNA Neuron is currently bugged, and does not give any exp.

But for those of you who still think it's still too slow to level, if you have Rank 4 Cooking, you can make Pine Mushroom Stew, which gives 50% bonus exp for 2 hours! So for those of you with high enough rank in cooking and the necessary life skill ranks to get the crafting mats, definitely take advantage of this.

And the last tip I want to leave off is the pay-2-win method. Currently in the special shop, the Runeblade Packkage sold in the merit shop for 1290 Merets provides three Fantastic Level-up Booster tickets. These booster tickets provide 100% more exp for 90 minutes (and various other bonuses). By using these tickets and the stew, getting to level 60 becomes a cakewalk.




In addition, fishing is also an excellent choice despite it being slightly complicated. It’s really not worth it using auto-fish ticket from beginner level. But things are different with ranking fishing up. So, if you don’t mind adding some extra hours to your process, manually get your fishing level to Intermediate then auto-fish from there.