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Meet The New Shai Class and Giddy up Donkey! – Black Desert Online

2019-07-01 01:03:07

Shai class is finally live on Black Desert Online now. Along with her arrival, there are three new events for players to unlock special rewards. And the second event is called "Donkey See, Donkey Do".

In the event, there is a trio of new donkeys ("Derome, Cherose, and Vallet") just for Shai. Each one offers her a special benefit as she rides it in reverse saddle to show "her whimsical nature". Shai and her Ass will receive a 50% mount boost. Here's a breakdown of the donkey event.

Donkey See, Donkey Do Event

A combined total of NA and EU servers filled with donkeys was well over 30 servers and we are excited to announce the following rewarding events!

Event 1 : Brush that donkey ( A Mount EXP +50% boost event)
        June 26 (after maintenance) – July 3 (before maintenance)

image 1

Event 2: More donkeys, the merrier
       June 26 (after maintenance) – July 3rd (before maintenance)
       You will be able to choose 1 donkey emblem from the following list via Challenges tab (Y). Thank you for your active participation!
        Donkey Emblem: Derome the Donkey
        Donkey Emblem: Cherose the Donkey
        Donkey Emblem: Vallet the Donkey

image 2

Event Notice

  1. Quests Event] Do You Know About the Donkeys? and [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve are available once per family per day during the event period, and they reset every day at 00:00 UTC.
  2. [Event] Donkey Brush, one of the quest rewards from the quest [Event] Do You Know About the Donkeys?, is needed to complete the quest [Event] Give the Donkeys the Attention They Deserve.
  3. If conditions apply, you can get Derome, Cherose, or Vallet the Donkey via the Challenges tab (Y) after the June 26 maintenance.
  4. All related event items will not be deleted after the event period ends, and you will be able to use them even after the event.
  5. Reward items given out through events can be Bound or not depending on the items. Thus, some items cannot be Moved or Restored.Please check the description of the item to confirm if it's Bound or not.
  6. Event period and specs. may change with future notice.

Treasure Hunt Event 

  • Period: June 26 (after maintenance) – July 9 (23:59 UTC)
  • Obtain [Event] Shining Key x1 per day per family via the Challenge tab (Y). A total of fourteen keys can be obtained during the event period.
  • The Challenge will reset every day at 00:00 UTC.
  • Use an [Event] Shining Key to open a <Shining> Treasure Chest.
  • <Shining> Treasure Chest will appear all over the world of Black Desert (except in Valencia territory). Each <Shining> Treasure Chest will disappear an hour after spawning.
  • Open a <Shining> Treasure Chest to randomly obtain one of the following:

image 3

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