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New Madden 19 MUT Legend Cards Arose Anger from Community

2019-01-24 10:31:39

The latest Madden 19 MUT Legends have been already revealed now. Both Greg Olsen and Terrell Suggs make up the newest hot additions in this week's Legends drop. With their high ratings player cards, MUT gamers can boost their roster that much more. In addition, there are ways to power up those MUT cards if you get them. However, those active players on the brink of retirement cause public outcry from Madden community. Here are more details on these new Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends player cards.

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Legends: Greg Olsen, Terrell Suggs, and Ed Too Tall Jones

Greg Olsen was the first player to be revealed. He boasts 97 ratings on Catching and Catching in Traffic. Casual NFL fans may not realize it, but Olsen was initially a Chicago Bear for his first four years in the league. He moved to Carolina in 2011 and the rest is history. Over the course of his eight years with the Panthers, he's tallied 37 touchdowns and 5,866 yards receiving. In all, he's got 57 TDs and 7,847 yards for his career. Now he's available with those amazing skill ratings for your Ultimate Team.

Madden 19 Catching Tips

Additionally, both Terrell Suggs and Ed Too Tall Jones also join Greg Olsen in the latest Madden 19 MUT Legends.  Terrell Sugg is rated at 96 in MUT packs. The right outside linebacker brings 96 ratings for Play Recognition, Block Shedding, and Power Moves. However, he's also got 94 Strength and Tackle ratings. To sum up advantages and disadvantages, he would be a beast on your defense to break through the offensive line and get to the opposing QB or ball carrier.


Ed Too Tall Jones, the left end is also a new legend in the latest MUT Lagends. He's also pretty good with 96 Blockshed, 94 Strength and 94 Power Moves and should wreak havoc along the defensive line. The only negative is that he shares the same position as Cowboys current 95 overall LE Demarcus Lawrence, forcing theme teams to make a difficult choice.


As usual, players can get those Madden 19 Legends through the Ultimate Team packs. Players can buy them  in the Ultimate Team section of the game with coins. So, if you wanna add either Greg Olsen or Terrell Suggs to your team, come and buy Cheap Madden 19 Coins at Joymmo.com. We offer the cheapest price online with fast delivery.

Three legends causes public outcry from community

However, the reveal of the three players have incited plenty of public outrage from the Madden community. They found this week's group of "Legends"could be underwhelming, undeserving and even embarrassing.

Two active players received the base Legends this week, marking the first time since Madden 17 EA opted to recycle not just actual Legends cards, but players who haven't even retired yet. In truth, the idea would have likely been more well-received if the players were actually community favorites, instead of simultaneously selecting the closest thing to Legends (i.e. active players on the brink of retirement) without them, you know, actually being "legends".