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MapleStory 2 Class Special Guide for Assassin Solo Chapter

2019-01-25 10:23:24

As we all know, assassin is a class excel in solo, that makes it good at PvP but weak in PvE because dungeons always filled with mobs. But is that to say Assassin can't farm, absolutely not. Assassin are good at dealing damages when allies tanky characters burdening attacks to protect then, also, they are expertise at killing final boss.


Before an assassin can take on a Hard Mode dungeon boss, you need to give it the proper build and gear first. For your gear, make sure to have the following stats for each kind. For weapons, prioritize Piercing and then have Physical Attack, Total Damage, and Physical Piercing. That decided by your purpose of cultivating your Assassin. As for headgear, suit, top, and bottom. Make sure to have Boss Damage then Physical Attack. Gloves should also prioritize Boss Damage, but instead, choose Physical Piercing as secondary.


Aboard the Sky Fortress, players encounter four factions united in the Maple Alliance map. It's the Maple Alliance you'll need to impress if you want to join in the Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid, which requires a "Trusted" reputation. Each faction offers daily and weekly missions across all of Maple World, which can be accessed via fast travel on the Sky Fortress Bridge's Sortie map.



The MapleStory 2 has been revamped with a new skill set that lays out the details of a new communications initiative. The 3-month project will begin soon and is focused primarily on actively working with the forum to gather feedback to "make changes to the main pain points of the game".


Assassin always easy to die in battle, to mend up this glitch, they have released Normal Chaos Raids, which is where the challenge of your Hard Chaos Raids and accessibility of the Hard Adventure dungeons meet. The Normal Chaos Raid bosses have lower health and do less damage compared to their hard counterparts, but you still have to beat them within fifteen minutes or less. What's more, unlike Hard Chaos Raids in which participating parties can have up to ten members, they can only have up to six.


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