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The MapleStory 2 Summer Burning Events (Striker Daily Wonders)

2019-06-05 04:57:26

Striker Daily Wonders

The MapleStory 2: Awakening update is the biggest one yet, and we're rewarding players that stick around and enjoy all the new activities with a free Daily Wonders for everyone! Get a Canola Bonito Ground Mount, 2 million mesos, a Flying Lotus Flying Mount, the full Hysteria Outfit and much more over 21 days of special prizes! Enjoy everything with the Awakening expansion and get bonus prizes no matter how you play MapleStory 2!

Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, May 30th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, June 27th

Event Details:

  • Create a new MapleStory 2 of any class, including Striker, and you will be prompted to designate them a Burning character
  • From Lv. 9 to Lv. 60, a Burning character will earn two bonus Levels whenever they gain enough experience to reach a new Level!
    • For example, upon reaching Lv. 10, the character will become boosted up to Lv. 12
    • Only one character can be designated Burning at a time
    • Once hitting Lv. 60 with a Burning character, will not be able to designate another character as Burning for this event
    • If you wish to designate a different character as Burning, you must delete the already designated Burning character before reaching Lv. 60
  • Upon reaching Lv. 60 with a Burning character, you'll earn the Summer Burning Gear Box, which contains the following items:
    • Epic Weapon Selection Box (Lv. 60), which contains your choice of a Tidemaster, Frontier or Demonwing Lv. 60 Epic Weapon!
    • Epic Top/Bottom Selection Box (Lv. 60), which contains a Lv. 60 Epic matched pair of Tidemaster, Frontier or Demonwing Lv. 60 Epic Top and Bottom!
    • 5x Absolute Accessory Selection Boxes, which contains your choice of Lv. 50 Epic Absolute Accessories!
  • Burning Characters that level up to Lv. 60 with the Grand Awakening Wonders' Lv. 60 Potion will also be able to claim the prizes, but also prevent you from designating another new character as Burning
  • Gear Box can be traded within your account via the in-game bank, but the items within cannot be traded once they are equipped