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14 October
Celebrate a year of MapleStory 2 with this birthday themed-pack

To mark this momentous occasion is a package including the Party Hat Name Tag, the Party Cake Emote, and the fabulous Anniversary Outfit Package! Sale Duration: UTC: 3:30 PM Wednesda

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27 June
MapleStory 2 Guilded Glory Update - V14

Today, MapleStory 2 players will get a fresh new update filled with nifty guild features. Also being added is a dance-off feature called Guild Dance Dance Stop.  Participating guilds will be rewarded, but if yo

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21 June
Maplestory 2 Game Update: Awakening Expansion

With the launch of the awakening expansion, the new class of forwards has stormed all the way to Maplestory 2 The awakening expansion, the largest Maplestory 2 game update to date, has just landed on the server, bringin

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05 June
The MapleStory 2 Summer Burning Events (Striker Daily Wonders)

Striker Daily Wonders The MapleStory 2: Awakening update is the biggest one yet, and we're rewarding players that stick around and enjoy all the new activities with a free Daily Wonders for everyone! Get a Canola

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01 June
Nexon Launches Awakening Expansion Update into MapleStory 2

Nexon rolls out its most anticipated Awakening Expansion Update, which is said to be the biggest update since launch via the Nexon Launcher and Steam yesterday. Along with the update comes with a new set of Job Skills to

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15 May
MapleStory 2 Outfit Guide - How to Make Outfits, Buy Outfits, Save Outfits and Sell Outfits for Mesos

Like any other MMORG game, MapleStory 2 allows players to design or buy their own unique ourfis for their characters and even sell them for some quick Mesos. So, how to crate your own outfit? Where to buy outfits? How to

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06 May
MapleStory 2 Guide: Best Farming Locations for Golden Treasure Chests and Wooden Treasure Chests

Loot is important in MMORPG game like MapleStory 2. One main source of loot in MapleStory 2 is to open Golden chests and Wooden Chests. Both chests often rewards Maplers with Mesos, crystal fragments and rusted keys. So,

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20 April
MapleStory 2 Guide: How to Climb to Level 60 Fast

As you progress through in MapleStory, you will be faced with tougher and tougher monsters or quests. The best way to deal with them is to get stronger. Therefore, we Joymmo.com made up this guide to show you how to leve

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06 April
How to make your own music in MapleStory 2?

Playing the gameplay in MapleStory 2 is very eye-catching! Players can use Musical Instruments to play their favorite music in the game by making musical scores. There are 11 kinds of Musical Instruments for players to

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27 March
Here’s An Ultimate MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide

When you are tired of doing dungeons and other tasks in MapleStory 2, you can do some fishing to relax yourself. In addition, fishing can also give some small benefits, especially at the higher mastery levels. In this Ma

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