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Path of Exile Trade Guide: How to Trade in Path of Exile

2019-04-30 09:18:15

Many beginners get confused about trading system in Path of Exile. Therefore, here Joymmo.com will explain POE trade system for you, along with some other things you should take into consideration when you trading.

How to trade in Path of Exile?

Step 1: Go to any major trading websites:
Step 2:Search for your desired item
Use the multiple filters to refines your search parameters if you're looking for a very specific rare item. Make sure you are searching for the right league!
Step 3: Find your desired item 
once you've found item, click the whisper button. It will copy an automatically generated message to your clipboard.
Step 4:Paste the message to your in game chat
Step 5: Party invite 
Wait for and accept the seller's invitation to his party. Right click the party frame of the seller and "Visit Hideout"
Step 6:wait for the seller's invitation to trade. The trade window will the appear.
Path of Exile's trading window requires both trading parties to mouse over the greyed out items from the other party.
This feature is to ensure you are verifying the content of the trade window, make sure you do.
Click accept to agree to the trade!

Couple of other things to mention:

The trade usually happens at the sellers hideout. if you are buying, then you go to the seller. continuing along that line, when you arrive at a sellers hideout, you wait for the trade invite. don't invite them to trade unless they are taking a long time.You can buy Cheap Path of Exile Currency at Joymmo.com, a reliable, cheap and fast online in-game currency store.

Do not ever trade for an item or items. Scammers will buy up all of a low-priced but rare item on the market and relist them at obscene prices, and then try to use those items to trade. Always trade for currency.

Always look for the word MIRRORED at the bottom of the stat list. mirrored items are not adjustable, so how you see it in the trade is how its going to be forever (this is especially prevalent with cheap 6 link chest pieces)

Use poe.ninja as a tool for determining average value on things, both currency and items. there are a lot of scammers who troll the market all day looking for angles to exploit.

when you're looking at the market, Path of Exile trade or others, always scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if the prices are relatively close. Scammers will buy, lets say, 20 of an item that costs 5 exalt, then relist those 20 items at 10 chaos each so they appear at the top of the list. now when a new player who doesn't know its real value goes to check on POE trade, they see the first few listings all at 10c and assume that is the items value.

If you want to make an offer for a listed item, do not change the message - Post the message and then write your offer. Changing the message is a common way of trying to scam somehow and is frowned upon by many.

That's the end of this POE trade guide. Hopefully it helps!