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World of Warplanes Guide: How to Pick Up A Plane as Low Level Beginners

2019-05-05 09:15:43

After you've created a account in World of Warplanes, you'll faced up to one of the most important question - which planes should I pick as beginners? Which planes are easier to master and not awful to grind through? Which planes should I plan to get that are the most reliable for farming medals ?so, if you had just started out, here are some tips and tricks to help you choose planes that suit you best! If you lack money to unlock a new plane, you can come to Joymmo.com for Cheap World of Warplanes Gold.


There are four types of planes in World of Warplanes. They include Fighters, Multirole Planes, Heavy Fighters, and Attack Aircraft. Each of them features different advantages and disadvantages. For example, Heavy Fighters offer the advantages of heavy armament and good airspeed, while Attack aircraft are ideal for destroying ground targets. They aircraft carry the widest range of bombs and rockets along with powerful machine guns and auto cannons. So, you can choose based on your own preference and playstyle.

For Fighters, the Spitfire line is the best for beginners, as many others have suggested. I would add that once you are comfortable in the Spit IX at tier 7, you swap to another fighter line so that you don't get to over-used to the simple ridiculousness of the Spit.

For Multirole Planes, I suggest the Corsairs. Good ordnance for the tier coupled with good firepower means you can always have an impact in battle. Just don't try to out turn anything that isn't a heavy fighter.  

For Heavy Fighters, I found the German ME 110s to be quite potent, and lead to the very dangerous 410. These craft take Boom & Zoom to the extreme, but vaporizing aircraft in a single well placed pass will never get old. 

For Attack Planes, it's hard to say no to the Russians. I mean, come on, Stormoviks! You have superb firepower and anything that ends up in your sights doesn't last long.  

Couple of Other Things to Note:

If you just started out, it is better for you to buy some kind of plane package from the premium shop that contain pilots with multiple skills points (3+). You will need Marksman II ability (5 skill point cost) so that your shots will land most of the time. I would re-use the same pilot over and over when transferring to the next tier plane so that all the good experience is accumulating on a few to gain most perks of fudge delivery. Note that pilots are specific for each nation and cannot be transferred to another different nation.

As low level beginners, go wide and learn a lot of lines and figure out how to play each plane. Google "Basic Fighter Maneuvers" and look at some of the diagrams and try to incorporate that into your play style. For example, you could go up the US multirole (F3F, F2A, F4F), the German Fighters (Ar 80, FW 109B, FW 109E) and choose one of the many Russian lines like the Mig line or the La line. 

Also, for heavies at mid tier you cannot beat the German line up to the 110B (T4) but after that you will have good competition from other lines. And of course, the UK Spitfire line because that's what the game currently favors.  
In a world, try to spread yourself wide at this point, learn different play styles and take your time at T4/T5. Given the number of battles you have, there is a lot to learn. Some lines, like the German fighters, you go high and work your way down, some like the JPN Zero line you start low, stay low and turn and turn and shoot and turn and shoot some more. The more lines you play, the more you will know how to defeat them or how to get defeated.