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World of Warships Guide: How to Play Aircraft Carriers As New Beginners

2019-05-05 01:19:24

Carriers (CV) plays an invaluable support and strike role to the main fleet. Carriers well protected by their task force can provide crucial reconnaissance, anti-strike defense, high damage output, and general direction sufficient to turn the tide of an engagement. In this guide, we’ll share you some successful and clever strategies to help you turn enemy ships into wrecks. Let's talk about how to play on an aircraft carrier in World of Warships. Also you can unlock more other kinds of planes with Cheap World of Warships Doubloons at Joymmo.com if you lack of money.

Features of Aircraft Carrier Control

First, open the map by pressing the "1" key on the keyboard. Then choose a specific route by which the ship will follow. If there is a need to set specific route, hold down the "Shift" key and mark all the control points on the map.

Features of Air Group Management

Select your squads and press F for them to take off.
Pressing F: while said squad is in the air, it will cause said squad to return to the carrier. (This is mainly used to refill fighter squads low on ammo and numbers. Also to prevent the enemy carrier from getting plane kills.)
Right Click on Mini-Map to jump to a sector.
Double Press the number of a squadron to jump to said squadron
Ctrl + A selects all Squadrons.
Left Alt + click allows you to manual bomb.
Left alt + click with fighters to strafe enemy planes. (Use only against swarm, as it uses up ammo quickly.)
Left Shift allows you to zoom in on your ship. (Like of in the way a battleship or cruiser sees their ship)
If you press the F key while holding down the Shift key, your carrier will become the last way point for your planes.

How to Attack Enemy Ships with Air Groups:

Grouping your planes is almost always the most effective way to take down enemy ships and fighters. You do this by having multiple planes launched. Select a squad and have it follow another squad. Have your other squads do the same. Now select all your squads you want grouped and click to where you want them to go. 

Torpedo Bombers: To manual drop Torpedo Bombers,hold down the alt key and then click when you're ready to drop. After pressing alt, you'll notice a green long rectangle, this is the path your torpedoes will take after dropping.
If the rectangle gets wider It's because a Cruiser above tier 5 is using their defensive fire and you will have to wait a while before you can get a perfect drop on said ship.
You can always adjust where your Torpedo bombers drop, but if they enter the dotted circle (also know as the circle of doom or the point of no return) you can no longer adjust and your planes will go drop their payload.

Dive Bombers: Generally you want to use auto with these guys except maybe on carriers.
Always want to drop your bombs from a ships front to back side to get the most accurate results. You want to try and set people on fire as much as possible with these.
Now, For when you have more than one dive bomber squad, it is not always best to send them all in at once.Send one squad in and set them on fire.
Wait until they repair, when they do, send your other squads in and watch him burn alive.
Remember if you can't kill your enemy (other carriers specifically), then you can disable him and give him a slow painful death.

Fighters: Fighters are used to shoot down enemy aircraft. When fighting other fighter, you generally want to group fighters and go after one fighter squad at a time.
Do not do this when attacking bombers. Send one squad each to attack a separate bomber.
Do not attack planes that have already dropped. Attack planes that haven't dropped and are about to.
Planes that have already dropped move faster than those that have not. (faster than most fighters). It is not always best to chase down returning planes.

Now you know how to start playing on aircraft carriers in World of Warships!