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Trove Is Going Green With Gardening 2.0 Trove Patch Notes

2019-06-04 09:38:46

Trove Gardenning 2.0 update is now available on PC, and along with it comes a higher Gardening rank: Horticulturist, two new plant types: Veggies and Alchemy plants, a new character Food Slot, and new ways to craft food.

“We’ve turned Gardening up to 300, granting the rank of Horticulturist. There are also two new types of plants available: Vegetable Plants and Alchemy Plants. Alchemy Plants give you more of the resources you need, while Vegetable Plants give you vegetables to help you grow big and strong.”

Gardening Update Highlights

1. Gardening now goes to 300 (Horticulturist)!

2. Two new plant types: Veggies and Alchemy plants:

• New types of plants have been added to Gardening at Gardener (150) level and above:

•Vegetables – Vegetable plants like Qubbage, Unicorn Chard, and Totter Tates contain vegetables when harvested.

• Vegetables can be washed at the Vegetable Sink to become food.

• Prized decorative vegetables or bomb skins can be found rarely when harvesting vegetables. These decorative vegetables can also be crafted at the Harvesting Bench.

• Alchemy Plants – Alchemy plants contain crafting materials when harvested.

• Alchemy plant recipes can be found in Bobble Pods and when opening compost heaps.

• Alchemy plant seeds can be crafted with gardening (once learnt) or found rarely when throwing Bobble pods or opening compost heaps.

• Alchemy plant seeds can be composted for a fraction of the materials that would be gained from harvesting the plant.

• Alchemy plant recipes can be composted back in to a compost heap.

3. A Food slot has been added to the character sheet next to Flasks and Emblems. Make sure all UI mods are updated!

4. Aside from food and buffs, tending your own garden also offers a variety of rewards. all kinds of new rewards with Gardening:

• Bobble Pods are a fun new kind of pinata – throw them and watch them grow, then beat them up with some friends to get a shot at the Ridable Bobble Pod, a new immobile mount.  Live out your best grocery store ride fantasies!

• Grow Ally Habitats together with your club – get the rare ally and watch the whole server tromp through your club!

• Kahramet, Warden of the Fields has also been attracted to Trove by the new growth – take flight on her flowery wings!

• New badges for Harvesting, Watering Plants, and Composting, each with their own rewards!

If you’d like to get down and dirty with the new gardening update, you can find all the details on the Trove official site.If you need Cheap Trove Flux, visit Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.