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World of Tanks Beginners Guide

2019-08-08 09:11:57

To play well with World of Tanks, you need get a complete guide. In this short article, you can find what you need in this gameplay.

Currently the most popular game set in war times is World of Tanks. It is a game which has been winning the hearts of players all over the world for several years now. Since 2010, WoT enables players to have great entertainment in multiplayer mode. This game, as the name suggests, is set on the battlefield. You play here as a tank crew fighting with each other. World of Tanks is a great MMO action simulator and shooter.

WGL follows the 7/68 format, which differs quite significantly from normal public matches to provide the best competitive experience. The team size is smaller, the game mode is enhanced, and the maps have been changed to prevent stale gameplay. The 7/68 format is used as a shorthand for the team composition of each side. 7/68 stands for seven tanks and sixty-eight tier points per side. A tier point can range from one to ten depending on what level a tank is in the tech tree with ten being the highest. Only tanks ranging from eight to ten tier points are used in competitive play.

One of the most difficult decisions to devoting your time to a specific tank line to work your way up to tier 10.  A lot of time is required to get to tier 10 and making a well thought out decision will save a lot of frustration. You can find a general outline of each tank line on this page called “Which Tank Line is Right for you? “. For new players I usually suggest doing the American heavy tank line(which ends with the T110E5) first and then make a decision on which will be your second tier 10 after that.  This is due to the flexibility of American tanks and the heavy line is a nice blend of attributes which make them “jack of all trades” tanks which are great for both new and veteran players.

Tanks all have armor. Do you know what they call a tank without armor? Maybe the joke doesn’t work, but all tanks are still covered in armor. You need to remember this when firing at them. Armor is laid out like this 80/55/55 which is front, sides, back. If you fire a shell with 70mm standard penetration then it will deal damage in the sides and rear, but not the back.

This is probably the most important thing you could ever learn in World of Tanks and is one of the first things taught in the tutorial. Maximizing your armor's effectiveness is the key to taking non-damaging hits and surviving for far longer on the battlefield. I see far too many new players just sitting in the open, facing the enemy straight on - they take a couple of hits and die because their armor was rendered ineffective by not angling.

That is the guide we joymmo.com provide for you, if you want to get more news about World of Tanks, you can also come to our website for help.