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World of Warcraft Pathfinder Part 2- Earn Flying in Battle for Azeroth

2019-06-28 01:38:50

World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara v8.2 update is live now. The biggest highlight is that now players can now complete Pathfinder part 2 and unlock flying in the new Battle for Azeroth continents: Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Nazjatar, and Mechagon—plus the new Wonderwing 2.0 mechanical parrot mount. In addition, the new update also introduce a new mount equipment system, extending unique abilities to all regular mounts. Here’s what you should know about Rise of Azshara v8.2 update.

How to unlock flying in Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara ?

flying unlock

To earn your wings in Battle for Azeroth, you’ll need to:

1.Reach Revered with the following factions: The Rustbolt Resistance and either the Unshackled (Horde) or Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance)
2.Earn the achievement Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part 1 (progress is account-wide)
3.Explore Nazjatar: Ashen Strand, Azsh’ari Terrace, Coral Forest, Deepcoil Tunnels, Dragon’s Teeth Basin, The Drowned Market, Elun’alor Temple, The Empress’s Approach, Gate of the Queen, The Hanging Reef, Kal’methi, Shirakess Repository, Spears of Azshara, Zanj’ir Terrace, Zanj’ir Wash, Zin-Azshari
4.Explore Mechagon: Rustbolt, Sparkweaver Point, Junkwatt Depot, The Heaps, Scrapbone Den, Western Spray, The Outflow, The Fleeting Forest

In addition, once you complete the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder Part 2t, you'll earn the mechanical parrot mount . The matching mechanical pet, Feathers, is available from a special 8.1.5 questline picking up the plot of Before the Storm.

New mount equipment system 

Meanwhile, update v8.2 also introduce a new Mount Equipment system which will allow players to “socket” a piece of equipment that will add an effect to all of that character’s mounts. So far we have seen water walking, daze immunity, and parachute effects. However, there’s a few caveats. For example, Water Striders will have water walking removed so that you can’t double up on mount effects. The Sky Golem will be exempt from using Mount Equipment because of its unique ability to pick herbs while mounted 

Ways to increase reputation to get the achievement:

1.Scribes should find the quartermaster for all three factions and pick up the contracts. These provide a weekly experience buff which will be a help in getting to revered.
2.Get to the Darkmoon Faire and ride the carousel or roller coaster. Reputation is increased by 10% for one hour. In addition, buy a Darkmoon Top Hat with Darkmoon Prize Tickets or Cheap World of Warcraft Gold ( US Server) or Cheap World of Warcraft Gold ( EU Server)at Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.  So you can use the hat right after your amusement ride buff wears out and it grants 10% reputation. 

3.Participate the World Quest Bonus Event which grants 50% reputation earning.
4.Currently, there are items from Island Expeditions which can drop or be purchased for Dubloons. These grant 250 rep.
5.Do the quests and explore the zone. This is the bet way to get you a big chunk of what you need toward revered.