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04 June
Trove Is Going Green With Gardening 2.0 Trove Patch Notes

Trove Gardenning 2.0 update is now available on PC, and along with it comes a higher Gardening rank: Horticulturist, two new plant types: Veggies and Alchemy plants, a new character Food Slot, and new ways to craft food.

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29 April
Trove Golden Soul Guide: The Best Way to Farm Golden Souls

If you wanna start a Club of your own, that means you need to go out hunting golden souls. However, they are very rare and hard to collect. So, how to farm golden souls fast? Here are some tips and trick to collect golde

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28 April
Trove Guide: How to Get Empowered Gems as Low Level Players

Empowered Gems are a type of equipable radiant or stellar gem in Trove. They are greater than the regular gem and comes in various elemental colours such as Air, Water and Fire. So, how to get empowered gems? What the us

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15 April
How To Farm Dragon Coins Fast And Easy To Unlock More Dragons In Trove

Dragon coins are coins that are used to make dragon souls in Trove. Four is needed to make 1 dragon soul. Currently in Trove, you need 11,000 dragon coins to make all the dragons. (not including the 3 new ones from adven

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