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World of Tanks Gold


World of Tanks PC 1250Gold

$10.00 USD

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World of Tanks PC 3000Gold

$24.00 USD

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World of Tanks PC 6500Gold

$52.00 USD

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World of Tanks PC 12000Gold

$96.00 USD

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World of Tanks PC 25000Gold

$200.00 USD

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World of Tanks Gold

What is the World of Tanks (WOT) Gold in-game?
World of Tanks (WOT) Gold is a special in-game currency that allows you to research new vehicles quicker and easier. Using WOT Gold, you can purchase Premium vehicles and Premium WOT Account. In addition, WOT Gold allows you to convert Combat Experience earned in Premium and Elite vehicles into Free Experience, and use the latter to research any modules or vehicles.

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