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Anthem Full Gameplay Demo - E3 Best Action Game Winner

2019-04-03 06:35:43

We were deeply impressed by the amazing glimpse of Anthem at the EA PLAY conference. At the Microsoft event, BioWare also officially brought the details of paean. In order to show its sincerity, Microsoft has given the finalization time to EA's new work "Anthem", which will have an incredibly huge open world, where there are potential enemies everywhere, players can fly and fight arbitrarily in armour, and have a lot of special abilities. There was also a live demo of the game running on the Xbox One X!
In the demo, we also learned that in addition to the main character's power armor (exoskeleton), there are also red heavy armor that can launch long-range missiles and armor with stealth function, and the game also features multiplayer online.

Lead Producer Ben Irving takes us through a 20-minute Anthem gameplay demonstration, originally shown at the E3 hands-on showcase. Discover more about the traversal, combat, and teamwork on display as a team of four Freelancers complete the mission "Scars & Villainy."

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