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Anthem Loot Guide: How To Increase Your Pilot Level And Maximize Your Loot

2019-03-18 01:36:21

In Anthem, to obtain the best stuff like legendary weapons or gears, there are mainly two ways. One is to loot Masterwork and Legendary items, the other is to craft high-tier weapons and gear with resources. As you progress through the game, you traverse various places and encounter various resources on the map. However, crafting is too grinding and time consuming. So, how to loot for special items in Anthem? Today, in this article,we'll be explaining the loot rarity system to you and tell you maximize your loot in Anthem.


Anthem Loot


Loot System Overview

In Anthem, the loot you will obtain is dependent on two factors: Pilot Level and which difficulty you are currently running a mission on. As you progress through Anthem and rank up higher, you'll start seeing more and more specialized loot. To increase your chance of obtaining high-tier items, you have to level up fast and constantly up the difficulty you play. Once you get to Pilot Level 30, you should begin to see far more Epic loot, as well as occasional Masterwork and Legendary items. Once you can set your difficulty at the very least Grandmaster Level 1, you will have better chance to obtain Masterwork and Legendary items. Here's a quick run through of Pilot Level's impact on the loot in the game:

Pilot Level 1 - 9: up to Uncommon (Green) loot
Pilot Level 10 - 19: up to Rare (Blue) loot
Pilot Level 20 - 29: up to Epic (Purple) loot

Pilot Level 30+: up to Masterwork (Orange) loot, which a chance of Masterworks instead dropping as the top-tier Legendary (Yellow) loot. A small amount of Masterwork weapons will also start appearing from Level 25 upwards.

How To Increase Your Pilot Level Fast?

Team Up 

Anthem rewards players to play with others by giving out bonus XP via the alliance system. Therefore, if you play the game with a team, once a mission completed, you’ll receive multiple extra bonus XP. At the same game, by working with others, especially experienced players, you can finish missions more easily and faster. So that you can progress to the endgame more quickly.

Complete All The Contracts

The best way to level up quickly is to do contracts. Most of them are short missions, comprised of three easy tasks. Those contracts take the least amount of time, yield the most experience. At the beginningof the game, you will be able to unlock normal contracts. Once you've finished all of them, you'll get access to Legendary contracts, with harder difficulty but better loot and far more experience. So, make sure you complete all the legendary contracts. To level up fast, you can also buy Cheap Anthem Boosting from our Joymmo.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online with fast delivery.




Focus On Feats

As you play missions for winning Medals, don't forget the Feats, which are mini challenges within every mission that grant some bonus XP upon completion. Those feats often task you with killing a certain number of enemies with only melee attacks, or reviving a number of allies during a mission. You can keep track of these by opening your inventory during a mission.Note that those feats reset every mission,and don't get too distracted by constantly looking at them while you are doing a mission.