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ArcheAge Gold Trade Guide - Trade Packs and Routes

2019-05-08 01:24:57

There is plethora of ways to make money in ArcheAge but Trading Packs is the best way to earn ArcheAge gold fast in the game. If you don't, then be sure to read on. A Trading Pack is a package of goods created by a player with the "Commerce" profession. Once the pack is made, your character carries it on his back and can deliver it to the other location in order to sell it and make money. From this guide, you will learn the mechanics of trade in ArcheAge and how to earn ArcheAge gold from it. So, be sure to read on.

Create Trading Packs

To make trading pack, first of all you'll need 1 merchant certificate (50 silver coins) and resources (that depends from pack, all available goods (Packs) for craft you can see in craft book. Just button O in game) and open section Commerce.

When you bought 1 merchant certificate and got enough resources, you'll need to find workshop of regional goods. (To find them you'll need to open map (button M in game) and put tick on Important Objects -> Workshops in Region).

After that go to workshop of regional goods and craft your pack.

Note: When a pack is finished, it would decrease your characters' movement speed. This makes you an easy target for all ranged enemies. So make sure to drop packs on the ground when you are faced up with enemies.

Transport Packs

After the package is created, your character carries it on his back, which would decrease his speed. Therefore, a mount will help you a lot.Many players prefer to use horses to deliver cargo as they think that a horse is the best mount for this. But it's a big mistake guys! There is a special mount for merchants – donkey. If you carry a trade pack your horse will move 1.8 m/s while a donkey moves at 4 m/s. Moreover, donkey's have a special skill that increases their movement speed by 30%. Which makes them even more superior to horses.

Deliver Packs

You can deliver them only to special NPC of two kinds - Gilda Star Trade and?Gold Coins Traderand can be exchanged for Gilda Stars and Gold. You can find these NPCs on map. Press Merchants -> Gilda stars or Buying goods. Same as before with workshops.
On west continent you can deliver them in following locations:
Solzreed Peninsula
Gweonid Forest
Two Crowns
Cinderstone Moor

On east continent you can deliver them in following locations:
Sollis Headlands
Falcorth Plains
Arcus Iris

And of course you can deliver them in Liberty Island. 

There is also a little problem with gold, you receive it only after 22h, but with 5 % gain. Gilda stars right away.

Trading is time consuming, so, if you don't have time for it, you can buy Cheap ArcheAge Gold right from Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Things you need to know about trade packs:

1.You need 60 labor points to craft a pack, and 60 labor points to submit it to traders.
2.There is no limit to how many runs you can do, as long as your labor points last.
3.You can be attacked in conflict regions and have your trade  pack stolen.
4.If you trade pack is stolen or if you decide to have someone else submit it, you receive 20% of the total payout.
5.Trade packs can be taken to the other continent and traded for Gilda Stars or crafting materials.
6.The further you take the pack, the more gold/materials you'll receive. It is good to note that this is evaluated through the walking distance required, and that having the convenience of an airship reducing the distance does not affect the payout.

There you know how to trade packs for money in ArcheAge Gold. For more ArcheAge news and guides on ArchaAge Gold, stay tuned to Joymmo.com.