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FIFA 19 Mobile - How to Get Free Elite Players and Improve Team OVR

2019-05-08 09:20:30

There have been many posts asking how to improve Team OVR in FIFA Mobile community. High Team OVR helps you to create better chances, which is necessary as you progress further. So how to improve your Team OVR over 85 fast? below, Joymmo.com has listed some effective methods.

How to Improve Team OVR in FIFA Mobile?

Get New Elite Players

There is plenty of ways to get elite or master players in FIFA 19 Mobile. You can by completing plans, or buying them in the market with your Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins at Joymmo.com, or buying packs in the store, or joining a league and accomplishing achievements. Below, we've listed some methods to get master payers.

Random 80+ OVR Elite from Silver Campaign
Brandt – 80 OVR Elite RM from quests
Random 80+ OVR Elite from initial daily login bonus and from day 7 login bonus (could change)
Anderson Talisca – 82 OVR Elite CAM from Gold Campaign
Dybala – 80 OVR Elite CAM from League Points
Neymar – 80 OVR Elite LW from the Domination Event
May take a few tries, but definitely doable with a 78 – 80 OVR squad
Team Heroes - Complete a few skill games a day to unlock an array of 82+ OVR players
Player of the Week - Complete your daily quests to occasionally receive 78/79/ or 80+ OVR players from Player of the Week packs. You’ll also be able to build towards redeeming POTW points for an unclaimed player at the end of the week.
Scouting - purchase players with high chemistry with scouting points.

Train Players 

Increase your player's stats by leveling them up. You can level up any player, but the materials used are different for each player.The items required for training players differ from player to player. Most players use other players from their line and Training CP items. For example, a striker position can be leveled by any other attacking position. Some special players only use unique items for training. Using reserve players for training will discard them from the club.

Skill Boosts

Collect and upgrade Skill Boosts to increase your player's stats. Level up those skill boosts.

Grind VSA and tournaments. Though it's advisable to not go beyond world class 1 till you hit 90 OVR as you'll face 90+ teams in VSA and tournaments.

Spend your FIFA points on those one time packs you get for promotion in VSA, probably the best use of them (till a new event comes out)

Focus on Campaign

You get almost 10 xp for 1 stamina. So if you play decent number of campaign matches, not only do you get coins and fifa points but XP too. Suppose you play 60 stamina worth of campaign daily it's easy 600 xp.

Minimize Coin Loss

If and when you shift to 343 diamond or 3atb you lose your CMs and full backs, so it's better not to invest that much in them as you'll be forced to sell them later or use as fodder to upgrade better players. So get high rated golds, who will become elites in squad with boosts. Also, use free players or high rated golds. In addition, pack an untradable elite. Don't let him rot in reserves, play him OOP if it means saving up coins for that position. For example you packed a Rashford LW, then play whichever out of him and Ronaldo will be higher OVR with boosts at LW and the other at LCM/LB if their OVR is better than current player.