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Blade And Soul Previews Item And System Changes Coming With Roots Of Malice Update

2019-07-22 02:28:07

The Blade & Soul: Roots of Malice update will hit the servers on July 24, and we've included some changes to the game that will help improve your experience with the latest content. Full details will be coming with the Patch Notes on July 23, but for now, here's a small taste of some of the changes that will be included with the upcoming update.

Systems Changes

New Shackled Isle Season

Shackled Isles Solo Mode will no longer be available but the new season for the Shackled Isles 3-player team mode will start on July 31. Entrance to the battlegrounds is on a set schedule, which has not been changed.

We're also reducing the amount of Shackled Isles Coins required to exchange for a Hexagonal Dueler Garnet or Hexagonal Dueler Obsidian from 150 to 55.

Language Setting

European players can soon toggle the option to display only their client language in all the chat channels.

Item Changes

PvP Equipment Transfer

We've made some changes that will now allow players to transfer their PvP weapons to other characters on the same account. However, because PvP weapons are class specific they'll need to be resealed before they can be transferred.

Resealing weapons will require five (5) Brilliant Sealing Charm Fragments, and must be Stage 3, 6, or 9. Once resealed, the weapon can then be transferred to another character on the same account using the mail system, for a small fee.

Tidal Talisman Psyche

We're adding the new Tidal Talisman Psyche, which can be used to augment a Legendary Talisman. Costs and augment abilities are below. The Tidal Talisman Psyche can be transmuted using 25 Pet Packs and 500 gold.

Tidal Talisman Psyche

Augmentation Cost
Moonstone x2
Elysian Orb x2

Augmented Abilities
Critical Damage 91~458
Critical 137~687

In addition to this change, you can now use Mazuko's Psyche to Augment Legendary Necklaces.

Accessory Breakthrough Cost Update

No longer needing to transmute Dragon Tokens, you can simply use the same transmute materials to Breakthrough the following accessories:

  • Divine Dragon/Tiger/Phoenix Bracelet
  • Skybreaker Ring/Earring
  • Darkstorm Necklace
  • Inheritor's Ring
  • Skyshatter Ring

Blade And Soul Previews Item And System Changes Coming With Roots Of Malice Update

If you have any discussions or questions on any of these changes you'd like to start up, feel free to do so on the official Blade & Soul forums, and be sure to check out the full patch notes on July 23.

The update will also add the new Tidal Talisman Psyche into the game which will grant bonus Critical Damage and Critical when augmented with a Legendary Talisman. In addition, the Breakthrough cost for a number of accessories has been reduced. You no longer need Dragon Tokens to evolve Darkstorm Necklace, Divine Dragon/Tiger/Phoenix Bracelet, Inheritor's Ring, Skybreaker Ring/Earring, and Skyshatter Ring.

A new season of Shackled Isle will also be starting on July 31st. Solo Mode has been removed but the 3-player Team Mode will still run according to schedule.