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General Gear Guide for Low Level Players on Dungeon Fighter Online

2019-06-20 01:31:53

So, if you have just beginning playing Dungeon Fighter Online for some time and looking for advice for gearing your character, then this guide is exactly what you need.

First of all, hit the level cap. Obvious enough I suppose, but nearly all the good gear in the game requires a high level. To unlock more missions and level up fast, you can come to Joymmo.com for Cheap Dungeon Fighter Online Gold.

Well, you don't actually have to hit the level cap before you can start farming for better gear. At level 70 you'll unlock a dungeon area called the Interdimensional Rift, and you can do Otherverse dungeons (OV for short) for chronicle gear. They're gimmicky dungeons that can give you equipment with set effects that can be very powerful. Monk in particular will want the sets Drunken Fist and/or Unlimited Ability (UA is better currently, but I think DF is better once a monk rework comes to our version).

There's also something called Requiem Dungeons, which are a harder version of something called Ancient Dungeons. Ancient Dungeons are gimmicky like OV, but the difficulty is less gimmick-based and more damage-based. Requiem Dungeons can be farmed for Liberation weapons, which are a good weapon for most classes in the game.

You can get chronicle gear by running Otherverse dungeons. The gear drops are separated by difficulty. For Otherverse, you are going to want at least 80 exorcism to do the dungeons on Expert difficulty. Any less than that and you will take penalties to most of your stats (damage dealt and hp included). You can start off in OV by doing it solo on normal difficulty, which only requires 10 exorcism (which you get from a quest that gives you a free chronicle ring, or from the gear you pick out of your selective chron box) to get chronicle pieces. Equip anything you can, even if it's not for your class (except weapons) to get to the magic number of 80 so you won't die to a stiff breeze on higher difficulties. Once you get to 80 exo, you can start partying and doing the quests for free set pieces (Free Chron 2 Necklace and Boots, Free Chron 3 Necklace of your choosing) and gradually accumulating Interdimensional Frags to buy the set piece boxes from Natalia Sue (for Chron 2) or Ludmilla (for Chron 3). If you're lucky you will get set piece drops along the way.

Regular Ancient dungeons can be done solo with returnee gear, but it might take you longer than you'd like, especially if your weapon is not an epic or something. Don't bother trying to do EX Ancient dungeons if you can't clear regular Ancient dungeons easily because it's not worth the time and mats otherwise.

Besides that, there's something called hell mode you'll unlock somewhere in the mid-70s (though I wouldn't bother until you've hit level cap and unlocked higher-level hell modes). This allows you to farm for epic gear, the strongest gear in the game. However, it's extremely RNG-based, so it's best to save for last, or whenever you have an opportunity to run it for free.

As always, you can also find groups/guildies to carry you if they're willing, but finding groups can sometimes take a while and guildies aren't always available.

Last thing worth mentioning in this really long article would be normal Anton (vs. Anton Raid, which isn't even available in our version). Farming it allows you to get a really nice accessory set, basically.