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How to Fulfill Fatigue Points on Dungeon Fighter Online?

2019-06-17 01:30:05

For Dungeon Fighter Online players, fatigue points can be annoying in the beginning. If you don't have enough fatigue, you can't unlock the next dungeon. So, how to fulfill fatigue points in the game?

Dungeon Fighter Online

Now, let's take a look at resources of fatigue points in the game:

You get a default 156 fatigue points a day. On weekends you get an extra 20 fatigue points to spend.

You can get 30 fatigue points via Elixer of Fatigue Recovery. It can be bought on auction house for cheap, under 20k usually, or crafted.

Events give out FP pots frequently. They reset daily at 5AM Eastern time. You get fatigue points ranging from 1 - 156 FP. 

If you have neo premium+, buy/craft the 30fp potions and spend mileage on fp pots as well, you will have 400fp a day to spend (on average). This should take more than an hour to go through, unless you're using fp express or something.

You may already know this, but fp express is rarely worth activating. The only two scenarios I can think of where you benefit from it is if you either know that the next dungeon will consume all your fp anyway, or if you simply don't have time to/don't want to bother spending all your fp.

You get double the FP with neo premium. But just a word of warning, no one actually buys neo premium. They give out neo premium every once in a while through events. Once you get a couple days from an event, you will get neo premium tokens, which you can use at the machine next to Canna. That machine has a small chance of giving out more neo premium, which you can stockpile and use when you want. This is referred to as "going infinite". It only took one event for me to "go infinite" so next time they have an event where they give out neo premium, don't miss out.

After the beginner area, you can use potions (Pandemonium Event, Created by Alchemist, From the Mileage Point Shop (You get milage from cash shop purchase and you get 1 Mileage by clearing an Optimal Dungeon up to 50 Mileage daily for increasing your FP. 

You can also buy them from the auction hall with gold. Cheap Dungeon Fighter Online Gold is on sale at Joymmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store. 

Last, you can spend 1 or 2 bucks to get the dlc item that will refill your fatigue once a day for 30 days.

All of these fp potions are only used once per day, and it will even notify your daily limit on the item info. Since all of these FP pots are separate from one another (due to the amount of fp they give) you can use them separately.

For low levels, especially for people who are starting out, the fatigue system is a turn off for many due to limitations. However once you reach around lvl 55-86, you'll start to feel that fatigue isn't that much of an issue at all. You might even be glad that the fatigue system was there due to how much it'll drain YOUR stamina at areas in these lvls.

Happy farming!