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How To Earn XP, Coins And Cash Fast In Madden NFL Overdrive

2019-04-08 01:31:43

For players who just start Madden NFL Overdrive. Whether you have played in previous Madden Mobile seasons or not, we've made up this guide to show you how to farm XP, Coins and Madden Cash to level up fast for the current game of Overdrive. So, if you just get started, then keep on reading.


Madden NFL Overdrive


How Do You Score Points in Overdrive?

XP, or experience Point, is measured on the top green bar on your menu. It directly decides your level. Your level in the game is important because it allows you to unlock coaches, captains, and other parts of the game. Right now, in Madden NFL Overdrive, there are only three surefire ways to earn XP to level up:

Knocking out your Daily Objectives
Completing Achievements
Winning games in Overdrive mode

That last one isn't going to level you up very fast, either, as its only 50 XP per Overdrive victory. In addition, there are other ways, if you keep your eyes open. For instance, at launch, the "Weekly" tab of the 24/7 Store offered 10,000 XP for 500 mics once you win 10 Overdrive games using the Vertical scheme. 

How To Farm Coins Fast In Madden NFL Overdrive?

Coins are the main currency in this game. You can use coins for packs, the auction house, and more (these things will be covered later on)! Basically, coins could buy you many different players and collectibles in this game, and the more you have the better.
Coins are obtainable in many different places such as selling players in the AH, completing Live Events, participating in a league, and so on. The best way to earn millions of coins is to snipe players on the market. So sniping is basically buying players in the auction house for low amounts of coins and selling them for around twice as much. A great starter filter is elite players for 10,000 coins. Most elite players go for at least 20,000 coins, so this can be beneficial. But I recommend sniping elites only if you have really fast WiFi. If not, just do simple filters such as gold players for 1,000 coins. You can easily snipe those and resell them for 1,750 coins. Below are some more really beneficial sniping filters:

1.Silver, gold, and elite trophies for 500-750 coins. Silvers will sell for 1,300 coins, golds sell for 4,000, and elites are 7,500. To type in this filter correctly, just do "trophy" in the player name and Silver, Gold, and Elite Collectibles for type.
2.Silver players for 300 coins. These will very easily resell for 600 coins.
3.Elite centers, tackles, and guards (87 OVERALL OR HIGHER) for 20,000 coins. These can be great team upgrades or you can resell them for 40,000 coins.
4.For more sniping filters and tips, just check out sniping guides on YouTube that show you easy filters and tips. Here's a video you may wanna refer to.
5.You can also buy Cheap Madden Overdrive Coins right from our Joymmo.com, where different package of coins are provided at the cheapest price online, along with fast delivery.




How To Earn Madden Cash Fast?

Madden Cash is a rarer currency similar to coins. Its main purpose is to buy costly packs in the store.Unfortunately, Madden Cash can only be earned by watching advertisements (continue reading if you don't know where you can do this) (you earn only 5 MC every time, very little), or by using real money. Obviously, using real money is the best way to earn Madden Cash, but if you're not a pay-to-win guy, you can forget Madden Cash.