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Things I Wish I Would Know When I Started Playing Albion Online

2019-04-09 01:29:44

Albion Online is one of the popular sandbox game online. Unlike usual sandbox games, it has a fully player-driven economy. All equipment items are player-crafted. Player can explore the open medieval fantasy world and tackle challenging PvE and PvP content. However, many players feel kind of getting discouraged at the beginning of the game. Therefore our Joymmo.com made up this guide, in which you can find some key notes and pro tips from many experienced players. Be sure to study up below before you jump in the game. If you are in need of any Cheap Albion Online Gold, you can also visit our website.


Albion Online


Focus on Careleon

Don't get an island except Caerleon. Caerleon is the center of the game because of the realm gate it has. The realm gate is the only way to get to Black Zones. Once you get your ideal weapon and gear to T4 and you join a guild, you'll probably never go to any other city again.

Solo Combat Tips

If you go solo, you want mobility. You will run into groups, so you will need escape options. For your warbow, I recommend going maybe soldier boots for wanderlust to be able to stay on top on mounts. As boots are okay, but the "run" is a bit weak nowdays that they nerfed it down from 10 sec to 7 sec, ambush on ass chest obviously and mage cowl for head item for poison. And you need to get your bow to mastery 15 for poison shot. Else it will be hard. Frost shot works okay, but getting to mastery 40 for speed shot makes a big difference to stay on a mount to disamount. Frost shot is nice to get away from some melee tho. Slow them and jump away.

Stay away from roads. Most groups run on the roads looking for easy kills. Hit the edges of the map and the mob populated areas. And just go in gear you can loose at the start to learn about your class, cooldowns and timing. Try to think where the gatherers would prob go to avoid gankers (you), and you can often follow a trail of flat nodes and dead mobs.

Money Making Tips

There's lots of ways to earn silver. One effective way to go is gathering, and selling the resources at market. The more you play the market, the more you learn about which items are best to gather, in terms of time spent gathering, fame gained while gathering, and the profit from selling. You also learn which items sell for more at which city market. Always worth stripping off and visiting each market to see where you'll get the best price. Then weigh that up with risk of transporting it across land, to that market.

In addition to gathering, farming is the easiest way to generate income in Albion, so try to build up your island and max your farming skills. With 5x farms on your island, you can afford perpetual status by selling products and excess seeds.

Build & Combat Skill Tips

1. billion fame usually comes from crafting. There are a lot of people that farm a lot of monster experience, but the highest fame gains come from PvP - ZvZ, GvG and dungeon diving. So don't worry about numbers, except your mob fame farm because that gives what dungeon you can go to.

2.Find some class you'd like to play and go for it. I've changed class 4-5 times before staying in one I like. Afterwards, find something you'd like to do with the class - don't just fame farm or else you'll get bored.

3.Be careful with arenas and expeditions. That's one way to be bored at the game (some people like hardcore expeditions, but... they're, for me, boring as hell). Don't be afraid of red and black zones.