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The Key Point of Full Contents of POE 3.7.0 Patch Notes

2019-06-08 04:06:01

With the release of POE 3.7 Legion Patch Notes, the full details of the POE 3.7 Expansion and Legion League are revealed. 

Path of Exile Legion League comes alongside PoE 3.7.0 Patch, which will bring with it a myriad of new items, balance changes and reworks, as well as a host of new items and abilities. You can start a new economy in the coming POE challenge league: Legion, and the Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations are also available. 

In this league, you will encounter monoliths when you travel across Wraeclast, trying to collect splinters and combine it into Emblems, with two or more Emblems placed in Legion map device, you can access the Domain of Timeless Conflict. New challenges comes with new rewards, like Monolith Crown and Monolith Crown Attachment with 12 challenges completed. Check out all guides and contents you should know, start your brand new journey in Path of Exile!

The key point of full contents of POE 3.7.0 Patch Notes:

- The Legion Challenge League
- Major New Content and Features
- Minor New Content and Features
- Melee Rebalance
- Character Balance
- Skill Reworks
- Skill Balance
- Vaal Skill Balance
- Support Gem Reworks
- Support Gem Balance
- Passive Tree Balance
- Ascendancy Balance
- Item Balance
- Unique Item Balance
- World Changes
- Monster Changes
- NPC Changes
- Incursion Changes
- Betrayal Changes
- Strongbox Changes
- Azurite Mine and Sulphite Changes
- Prophecy Changes
- Map Changes
- Zana League Mods Available During 3.7.0
- User Interface Improvements
- Quest Rewards
- PvP Changes
- Bug Fixes