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08 January
Interview with Executive Producer Andre Emerson!

Just before the holiday break, our good friends at Priority One: a Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, sat down with a plethora of STO guests to talk about the year in review. First, they sat down with Content Designer John H

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10 December
Star Trek PC Patch Notes For 12/5/19

General: Updated text in Q's winter dialogue to give correct instructions for the new event system. Content: Removed minimum level requirement on "Fastest Game on Ice". Requires Tutor

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21 October
Star Trek Online: PC Patch Notes for 10/17/19

Event Campaign: Event Campaigns are a new system where players can participate in a series of upcoming events in order earn a Zen Store coupon for a Tier-6 Starship of their choice! To kick things off, the Ko

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10 October
Star Trek Online PC Patch Notes for 10/10/19

General: Resolved an issue that was preventing the Polytrinic Acid Horta from being reclaimable. Character: Resolved an issue that was causing character pieces to disappear when selecting certain outfits

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27 September
Star Trek Online: PC Patch Notes for 9/26/19

Content: The "Mycelial Realm" TFO is no longer eligible to be chosen for Random TFOs. Systems: Resolved an issue that caused updated Delta patrols to reward more skill points on completion than intende

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27 September
Star Trek Online: PC Patch Notes for 9/24/19

General: Memorial Plaque Text Updated: Added Aron Eisenberg - Thank you for everything, Aron. Added Jack Donner Content: Resolved an issue during the Mycelial Realm Task Force Operation, which was causing the

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27 September
Star Trek Online: 20% Key Sale, Keyring Bundle, and Lobi Sale

Rule of Acquisition # 74: Knowledge equals profit. Any wise captain knows that when a good deal comes your way, it is better to take advantage of it. Star Trek Online has announced that Ferengi Merchants will be offer

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04 September
Star Trek Adventures Game Design Challenge

Have you ever wanted to design your own Star Trek adventure, in the world of Star Trek Online? Star Trek now gives you this opportunity. They are working with Modiphius  to run the Design an Adventure Challenge, and

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23 August
Star Trek Online PC Patch Notes 8/22/2019

Star Trek Online PC Patch Notes Systems: Resolved an issue where the Section 31 Phaser Pistols primary fire was being impacted by the cooldown on secondary exploit powers. Resolved an issue that caused the

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06 August
Star Trek Online: The Arena of Sompek - Your Last Chance at a Free Ship

Beginning on August 8th, 2019, the combat trials of the Arena of Sompek will be returning as our next Featured Task Force Operation, with many changes to make the Arena easier to face on a daily basis. While this TFO is

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