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Best Ways To Farm Energy Credits In Star Trek Online

2019-04-02 09:02:38

Energy Credits are the main in-game currency in Star Trek Online. Players can use these credits to purchase various things ranging from new ships when the player reaches a new rank to new weapons (Space and ground), deflectors and shields. There are various means to earn energy credits, from (but not limited to) completing missions to selling items to merchants, such as weapons and armor. Here are some recommended ways to earn earn energy credits fast and easily.


Star Trek Online


Doing Tour The Galaxy

Doing Tour The Galaxy is a slow, but dependable way to earn EC. But to build up a lot of EC doing this mission is still going to take a long time. Not recommend for any character less than level 50 (Admiral), because the reward for visiting each planet increases for every rank up to Admiral at which point you get 25k EC per planet.


Crafting will net you money once you level it up. Rank up crafting and sell crafting components or ultra-rare beams/arrays. For a quick buck I make weapon consoles; phaser relays, polaron phaser modulators, mag regulators, disruptor induction coils, etc. I upgrade them to purple MK XIV. They usually sell for 5 million credits on the exchange, sometimes more. Occasionally, I'll get lucky and will get ultra rares and golds which sell for a lot more.no matter what your crafting levels are at, this is one way to make credits. You can also do this with science and engineering consoles. Just see what sells best. 

Earn Fleet Credits And Buy Nonstop Common Doffs

Join a fleet. Secondly, earn a bunch of fleet credits (in whichever way suits you best) and use them to buy nonstop common doffs from the "Commission Duty Officers" guy at the fleet starbase. Last, sell them all on the exchange. With this method, you can easily get average about 3 million EC a day. In addition, If you actually just sit there and devote hours to it, you could probably make about 10 mil EC a day, easy. Engineerig doffs are going for rediculous prices right now, so there's your money melon.

Do Elite Queues

If you're at level 60, then you are able to do Elite Queues (ground ones are easier to gear for than space, by the way), their reward boxes give Salvaged Technology, which can be sold on the exchange for about 200k EC each. Note that you'll want to get the Na'Khul Shield first if you do ground queues. It's an item from a level 60 mission from the second-to-last episode. 

Play The Exchange

Another way to gain EC is to play the exchange, buy low, sell high or higher. If you got time on your hand and sufficient doff slots one strategy is to build up colony doff chain, and run repeatable for purple doffs. Then shred purple doffs for whites and sell whites. 27 whites per one purple would be around 27*35k = 945k. 




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