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MLB The Show 19 Special Diamonds, Flashbacks, Legends, All You Need To Know

2019-03-25 09:32:39

For 2019, MLB The Show plans to bring a whopping 30 special diamond players to the game. Early before, MLB The Show 19 revealed 12 special diamonds in streams, including super stars like Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson. On March 16, MLB The Show revealed another batch of 8 special edition diamond players for 2019, covering a wide variety of some players spanning nearly 100 years of baseball from Breakout Bob Feller in 1939 to All-Star Cliff Floyd in 2001. Finally, on the evening of this Friday, March 22, the last10 MLB The Show 19 diamonds were revealed, including players Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken, Jr. Keep on reading for more details on those special diamond players.


Special Edition Diamonds


MLB The Show 19 All 30 Special Edition Diamonds

Here's a full list of all the 30 special diamonds player cards, including player name, Overall, year, type and team:

87 Frank Thomas  1991 
89 Tom Seaver  1969
89 Roy Oswalt   2001 
88 Stan Musial   1944 
88 Kerry Wood   1998 
87 Curtis Granderson  2007
87 Ted Williams   1939 
88 Tony Gwynn   1994 
87 Lou Gehrig   1925 
88 Jackie Robinson  1954 
87 Jason Kendall   1998 
87 Chipper Jones   2008 
87 Steve Finley   2000 
87 Barry Larkin   1990
87 Cliff Floyd    2001 
89 Bob Feller    1939  
87 Buster Posey    2010 
87 Joe Carter     1993 
87 Ian Kinsler    2008
87 Mike Schmidt    1986 
87 Rickey Henderson   1980 
87 Johnny Damon   2000
88 Evan Longo   2009 
87 Robin Yount   1980 
89 Nolan Ryan   1974 
87 Matt Holiday   2007 
88 Felix Hernandez  2010 
87 Cal Ripken  1983
88 Gary Carter  1981
87 Torii Hunter   2002 

These players will be usable in Diamond Dynasty; MLB The Show 19 and they are all over 85-rated ,which are usually among the best in the game. So far, each player's particular stats like power, contact and defense weren't shown yet, so you'll have to wait until launch to decide?which guy to pick with Cheap MLB The Show 19 Stubs from Joymmo.com. Given the changes this year, a contact hitter or the guy representing your favorite team might not be the worst pick, unlike in years past.




MLB The Show 19 Flashbacks And Legends 

Aside from the 30 special edition diamond players, this week's MLB The Show 19 video reveals a batch of new Legends and Flashback players arriving in this year's game. For those unfamiliar, Legends are some of the great players to have ever graced the diamond, playable in the various MLB The Show modes (including Diamond Dynasty and Franchise), while Flashback players  refers to players still playing the game and supposed to be great one day in the future, but rated based on a particular moment in that player's career. 

There will be more than 50 Flashbacks, along with a slew of new Legends added to MLB The Show 19. You can check the video above to see all these players.