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Roblox Bee Swamp Simulator Guide 2019 Update

2019-01-29 11:20:12

Rolbox is a cartoon pixel graphics style online game, encouraging gamers to make friends in the game. But this is not a single game, it's a platform of mini games collection, you can look through all games in the homepage, add your favorite games in your user panel, and play it whenever you want with your friends or online gamers. This is a guide for gamers, especially for new gamers to have a basic awareness on "Bee Swamp Simulator". This time you are not acting as a bee, but a bee raiser to raise more bees in the game. We will teach you how to get new bee types, and how to buy items to improve your efficiency of collecting bees.


Bee Swamp Simulator – At the beginning of the game, you will be given some bees, they will follow you always, and generate "Honey" all the time for you. The more Bees you get, the more "Shops" will be unlock for you. Higher level shops sell better items for you, but the price will be higher as well. But if you get jillions of bees, you will afford everything. So now you must know what the aim of the game is – Collect more bees and get highest score on leader board. No fight, No violence.



Items (Cheap Roblox Robux Store)


Mega-Jug – 50k Honey – A humongous jug! Holds up to 24k pollen. That is one of the must-have item, it stocks your honey. When you jug is full, you can't collect honey from your bees, so buy a bigger one to stock more honey as soon as your jug is full. Don't waste your honey.


Parachute – 500k Honey – A parachute you can use to glide down the mountain and reach new places! Press jump while in the air to open. You can use it when jump from a mountain, it will bring you to remote distance. Although you won't get hurt even if you don't have a Parachute, it's fun.


Honey Dipper – 1.5m Honey – Collects 2 pollen from 49 surrounding patches in 0.9 seconds. Without pollen, your bees won't generate honey for you. So you need a good "Dipper". This one is the best in Roblox Bee Swamp Simulator, try to get it in endgame stage.


You can buy "Bee Egg" to enlarger your bee swamp. Notice: every time you buy egg from shop, the next egg's price will be higher. So it's hard to rapidly add new bees to your squad. For example, Basic Egg contains a Basic Bee, priced 981,857 in egg shop. How to collect pollen? Just hold your dipper and walk through your pitches, your character will collect pollen automatically. Unlock more types of bee to unlock more fields. Besides, there are many challenges and quests for you to complete. You need to invest your spare time here.