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Do You Know Those NBA 2K19 Players Are Nearsighted?

2019-03-06 10:31:13

Many NBA 2K19 players are nearsighted, but they seldom wear glasses on pitch, not only because of not cool, but also due to the influences bring about by the windage and image distortion. There are many basketballers received lasik surgery after been influenced for many years. Kobe is the typical player who listen to his team manager and doctors' advice and finally accept to take lasik surgery to recover their eyesight and put off the glasses. But the video game NBA 2K19 isn't as realistic as real life, players in the basketball video game doesn't feature any property of eyesight. 




Kobe Bryant 
If this is going to change, and God knows it should, it has to start with the sports media. We can't accept the myopic view of sports that teams would have us adopt-one that exiles troubling things, be it violence against women, economic ruin brought on by disastrous stadium projects, or any other malfeasance created by teams and players. Kobe received laser surgery six years after he joined his current team.

Rudy Gay
Gay has required contact lenses for a few years, but hated wearing them. So he considered wearing goggles at one point, but couldn't ever get comfortable with them either. Instead, he just played halfway blind, which doesn't seem all that wise considering the precision required to throw the basketball through the hoop. To each his own, I suppose. However, Gay doesn't want people to think that way. He explicitly worried in the Slam piece that his numbers would go up, but "everybody's gonna say its cause of my vision, not the hard work I'm putting in."




Dwight Howard
Howard dominates inner line on basketball court, who used to be comparable with James. But similar as O' Neal, Howard is also poor at penalty shoot, so there are also many strategies focused on him. But O' Neal is really lacking of talent in penalty shoot, while Howard is restrained by his 500 degree myopia. If you want to know how much is Dwight Howard in NBA 2K19, you can login Joymmo.com to check the latest player price list. We offer Cheap NBA 2K19 MT for all platforms.

Chris Paul
Paul is one of the most reliable guard in NBA, but actually he has deep myopia. We never seen he playing with glasses because he always wearing contact glasses. About two to three years ago he took the lasik surgery. After that his shooting accuracy improved a lot. The contact glasses are harmful to eyes and not comfortable when wearing. Most important, if the contact glasses dropped during a match, the result you can imagine.

IMO, the next step for 2K games to do for NBA 2K19 is to add more features for the basketball video game. As the console and computer performance increased rapidly those years, we can improve the graphics and gameplay features better for players. A RTX2080 will run 2K19 in 4K resolution at 60 frames fluently, but to make every audience on spectacular seats vivid is the mission of the developer.