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Runescape "The Ranch Out of Time" Patch Notes

2019-10-15 14:48:13

Runescape is taking things to a dinosaur level. This week Runescape's update is The Ranch Out of Time Pre-Release, where you'll get the chance to stock up on some dino eggs before Farming 120 goes live.  Thankfully, we also have a few patch notes to help clarify what's new and changing in the game. "The Ranch Out of Time" Update, Patch Notes here:

Runescape "The Ranch Out of Time" Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where pets within the POH Pet House where not displayed correctly
  • Made some invisible spawn controller NPCs in The Heart dungeon even more invisible.
  • Fixed an issue causing Rings of Kinship to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to walk through a wall in Meiyerditch.
  • Added a windmill world map icon for the windmill at manor farm.
  • Legacy interface now displays a close button while inspecting another player from the group interface menu.
  • By player request, a pair of patrolling Burthorpe guards have been added to the Burthorpe main street.
  • Gregorovic's Memory cutscene at The Heart of Gielinor is no longer cut short if you have a familiar summoned.
  • Fixed an issue with the ranged skill guide having a blank space.


  • A large number of items now have tooltips on mobile! These items include the Clan vexillum, Rune Pouches, Ring of Slaying and more.
  • Tap and hold on items and let us know if we've missed any!


  • An issue preventing a small number of players from choosing their spouse during the Throne of Miscellania quest has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Slayer helmet stand to not work as a helmet slot.
  • Fixed an issue causing massive pouches to empty an incorrect amount of pure essence.
  • You can no longer repeatedly trigger trimmed completionist cape broadcasts when re-obtaining the cape.
  • Players no longer erroneously receive a message about having no charges on a fishing rod-o-matic.
  • Added a reset tab order option when right-clicking the all tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing Spinal Surgery achievement to be awarded multiple times.
  • Grim gem will no longer equip when checking kills from the bank.
  • Grace of the elves buff and debuff icons will no update as expected when depositing and withdrawing from the bank.
  • Added more options for tab renaming.
  • Depositing into the last slot in the last tab will no longer move the item to all if the all tab is empty.
  • Added destroy warning to Shadow gem Virtus when destroying from the clean up filter.
  • Fixed equip sound effect not playing in banks.
  • Fixed an issue causing Thorhild & Halla not to animate when fighting.
  • The cooking cape perk is now correctly applied when you are in the Daemonheim dungeon.
  • The information for Barrows - Torag's set now displays the correct amount of each item within the set.
  • The Clean-Up Filter tooltip of the Pyramid Journal, from the 'Missing My Mummy' quest, in the Bank will now be grammatically correct after the quests completion.
  • When using uncut onyx on Gemstone Armour, the correct amount that is used with be displayed in the resulting message.
  • It is now possible to buy spare reward items from Elen Anterth and Arianwyn in Prifddinas, without a sudden end to the conversation.
  • When using the Dairy Churn, you will now gain 1 Empty Bucket only if a Bucket of Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla/Normal Milk is used.
  • Eluned will now repair damaged crystal weapons after attuning just one crystal weapon, rather than multiple.
  • Combat dummies can no longer be deployed inside paddocks in PoF.
  • The "Arc - Mitts and Waders - Tetsu" achievement now uses correct Arc symbol in the achievement list.
  • Removed the equip options from broken lucky chaotic gear.
  • Certain music tracks will no longer show unlock message twice.
  • You can now use Arbuck seeds on the player owned farm food troughs.
  • Seagulls now have the correct sound.
  • Fixed how the harps in the Ithell district react when the user opens an item such as the statue collection bag whilst using the harp.
  • Upgrading a favourited aura will now remove the older version from the favourited mini menu list.
  • Users will no longer be offered the Paladin armour set in the Premier club store if they already have the Hero variation.
  • Fixed an issue where the user wasn't able to equip the trimmed completionist capes even if some of the quests were under the grace period.
  • When completing a Menaphos city task for killing a specific creature, killing any creature that is not part of the current task will no longer produce the message "you have killed enough [Creature killed] for [person]"
  • Dangerous way music track now automatically play once you enter the barrows.
  • In the Alchemy game at the mage training arena, values of the items converted will now change when Alchemy Guardian calls the change, no matter if an Explorer's Ring alchemy interface is used.
  • Fixed an issue causing Giant Mole killcount to be incorrect.
  • Removed chirping bird sounds from the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Verac the Defiled's set effect now works correctly in legacy combat.
  • Daily Challenge to Pickpocket Pompous Merchants can now only be completed by pickpocking Pompous Merchants & Foppish Pierre, not innocent Men/Women.
  • Fixed an issue causing off-hand weapons to drop when backpack is full.
  • Corrected the master clue scroll anagram solution for Brother Tranquillity to QUIT THY BRINE RAT ROLL.
  • Lovingly crafted achievement no longer continuously pops up in chat box after it has been unlocked, when reading blasphemous journal.
  • Exchanging more than 69 zeal on any xp with trader Zanik, now works correctly with the player being informed "you may only spend another 69 zeal on XP or charms rewards in Ironman mode" and no zeal being deducted.
  • Fixed an issue stopping players from redeeming certain noted ores from Ordan.
  • Fixed an issue causing Ceremonial smithing projects to start with changes already made.
  • Fixed an issue causing Armour Spikes to be usable in Free-to-Play Worlds.
  • Fixed buff bar to reset transparency after renewing the same buffs.
  • The Buff Bar font size scaling has now been tweaked to be a consistent size on desktop.
  • Updated the QBD warning message to match the combat recommendation on the Beasts interface entry. Updated values for recommended combat levels for each boss on the Beasts interface.
  • Family Gauntlets can once again be enchanted.