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Theme Park Tycoon 2 Guide: How To Create An Amazing Park And Boost Visitor Count

2019-03-21 01:14:19

One of the most asked question about Theme Park Tycoon 2 is how to boost visitor count. Therefore, we've made this guide, sharing you some pro tips from advances players. However, before we talking about some tricks of increasing your visitor, the key factor to attract visitors it to create an amazing park with your imagination. You have to come up with creative, original, exciting, and innovative ideas for your park. An island populated with maneating dinosaurs or a bustling busy city (possibly with zombies), you choose! The possibilites are endless. Don't create something like "Funworld" or "My Own Theme Park". The following are pro tips you way wanna refer to when you build your own themed park. 


Theme Park Tycoon 2


Run an advertising surely has some positive effects. However, the spike in guests is never sustainable. Worse still, advertising are expensive. Therefore, It's better to spend money on capital improvements (e.g. rides) and save advertising for the last 1-2 months before the scenario ends if you need to get a few more guests in the park. The ad campaign menu is located in the financial menu. The following are some aspects you can work on to boost your visitor count.

First, building underground is a great way to expand your park. You could even move the smaller rides underground to make room for coasters above. Making more coasters is probably your best bet at drawing more guests.

Good decor helps too! That may work because it could attract the visiors to that area. But make much transport rides to the back (a tleast 3) so the visitors can come there! I also advise you to build the coaster in the front of your park. (so the better rides are more near the entrance) in addition, you can If you buy Cheap Roblox Robux from Joymmo.com to buy the 8 extra plots in the back of the park which would also help too.

Make sure to have intense thriller (But not nausa) rides and then easy rides, like Top Spin, Go Carts, Enterprise. Where as they aren't as good at attracting guests as big coasters, I think they get you the best "Bang for your buck" guest generation wise. Besides, the roller coaster is a great choice. At the same time, you can also add monorails to that area. And in settings, put range to be attracted at unlimited. That's how some rides can become pretty popular but be a good distance away. Also add a lot of transportation and nice rides. It makes visitors able to go to the back area where it could be best. But keep the front the best.




Adjust the prices on your rides, food and park admission to attract new customers. Make the park entry really cheap (or even free, for a while), and then more customers will visit the park. Also, make the food and drinks really cheap. I find that putting stalls next to popular rides helps increase profit. Don't forget, you can actually move the guests, sometimes, by placing them next to (or near) a food stall, it will encourage the guests to buy food. Check their hunger, thirst and other statistics too. This will help you decide where to place them.