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16 July
How to Best Build and Play Interceptor Class on Anthem

There are totally four different classes on Anthem. Each of them features different abilities and playstyle. If you prefer Interceptor class like me, and just begin playing, here are some tips and tricks I would like to

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23 May
Here’s A Complete Anthem Tomb Challenges Guide

The Legionnaires Challenges quest in Anthem tasks players with opening up four tombs in order to progress the story. Each tomb challenge involves with their own challenges. These challenges consist of necessary actions a

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12 April
Anthem Guide: How To Get More Masterwork And Legendary Gear

Like many loot-based games, Anthem has six different item rarities that determine the quality of the gear you find. Here's a quick reminder of them in order: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterworks and Legendary. M

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03 April
Anthem Full Gameplay Demo - E3 Best Action Game Winner

We were deeply impressed by the amazing glimpse of Anthem at the EA PLAY conference. At the Microsoft event, BioWare also officially brought the details of paean. In order to show its sincerity, Microsoft has given the f

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18 March
Anthem Loot Guide: How To Increase Your Pilot Level And Maximize Your Loot

In Anthem, to obtain the best stuff like legendary weapons or gears, there are mainly two ways. One is to loot Masterwork and Legendary items, the other is to craft high-tier weapons and gear with resources. As you progr

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