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25 June
How to Easily Find and Kill Flyers in Apex Legends

A bunch of dragons carrying loot boxes are invading Apex Legends ahead of Season 2. You can also check out the Youtube video below for a look at them. The community has taken to calling them "Flyers."and if you

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30 May
Top 5 Best Weapon Combos in Apex Legends

When you start a match in Apex Legends, you are only able to obtain two weapons via Supply Drops. They’ why being careful to choose weapons that are yours and choose right loadout is very important. To help you dec

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24 May
Top 3 Best Team Builds & Team Combos in Apex Legends

When comes to three-person combo squad in Apex Legends, there are many different options. However, some characters work better together than others, and it's always smart to balance characters with different str

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17 May
Pro Tips for Winning Gun Fights and Getting More Kills in Apex Legends

In a battle royale game like Apex Legends, your only goal is to get as many kills as you can in gun fights. So, if you are a guy who like to play aggressively, here Joymmo.com provides a useful guide for you, as wel

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07 May
New Game Modes Are on The Way for Apex Legends

Currently, there is only one single game mode available in Apex Legends, but this isn't expected to be the case for long, as Respawn will be keen to keep the game fresh, and players are asking for more ways to play.

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27 March
Another New Legend “Wattson” Is On His Way To Apex Legends

Apex Legends in now officially on all platforms. Along with it, it brought a new legend, named Octane for players to play with. According to some recent leaks, it seems that another new legend, Wattson, a trap-oriented c

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26 March
How To Farm XP And Level Up Fast In Apex Legends Battle Pass Season One

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season One: Wild Frontier is now available on all platforms. There is a total of 100 tiers of unlockables with it. Like Fortnite Battle Royale, players have to earn EX to go through the tiers and

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20 March
How To Play The Bloodhound In Apex Legends

Bloodhound is known as the greatest game hunters in Apex Legends, helping his teammates root out hidden opponents and tracking the enemy's movements. This special ability makes him an invaluable part of team composit

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20 March
Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1: Wilder Frontier Kicks Off Now And Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before Jumping In

After long-time anxious waiting, Apex legends battle pass season 1: Wilder Frontier is finally available on all platforms for players all over the world. The battle pass system lets players to play  various special

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12 March
How To Play Wraith Effectively In Apex Legends

Wraith is one of Apex Legends' most versatile characters. She is able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality. With so many tools at her disposal, she ca

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