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For Honor Guide: How To Farm Steel Fast And Easily

2019-04-04 09:23:05

In the For Honor, Steel is the main in-game currency in For Honor Steel that can be used to  recruit new Heroes and customize their gear. From gear packs to emotes, upgrades to executions, there are a lot of things to spend Steel on as you make each Hero your own. Therefore,to get everything they want in the game, you have to earn a big pile of Steel. The following guide shows how to earn steel in the game.


For Honor


How To Farm Steel Fast And Easily?

Unfortunately, players can earn steel for playing just about everything For Honor has to offer. In order to maximize player gain rate, here are the best ways to earn more of it faster.

Multiplayer Bounties

You can earn some steel when you play in the multiplayer match. Go to the multiplayer world map and press the L1 button or Left Bumper to see the window of orders menu. This Orders Menu consist a list of Daily Orders and Contract Orders.

Daily order changes every day, completing these orders rewards you with some steel. Contract orders can also often reward you with some decent amount of steel if you complete the order. 

Solo Campaign

For those who may not be ready to step into the multiplayer arena right away, players can still farm steel through solo campaigns. Players can find rewards hidden around the various levels during the campaign and these will appear as a group of pots with a white outline around them. To unlock the rewards, you just need to smash them. Usually, they contain some unlockables like steel, new emblem materials, and much more. However, compared with multiplayer modes, the solo mode is undeniably much slower. Nevertheless, one is sure to find ample steel via solo campaign in order to prepare oneself for multiplayer modes.

Purchase with Real Money

Undoubtedly, the fastest way to earn steel would be to purchase it from an online marketplace with real money. In the case, Joymmo.com should be your first choice. Herein, Cheap For Honor Steel Credits can be purchased in various credit packs to verify your option. Once you've made an order, we promise to deliver Steel to your account within 15 minutes. 




Other Tips and Tricks

Dominion gives the most at 50 Steel per game. Daily orders give you 800 a day. Contract orders refresh every 2 days except on the weekend its daily. You can get around 1400 steel on contract days, and 800 from dailies just from contracts, NOT including how many matches you complete.

Tribute with a coordinated group can finish in less than 3 mins while Dom with a coordinated group can finish in 4.5 mins at the very least. Tribute gives 40 steel and Dom gives 50, so if you were to play one or the other for an extended period of time, tribute would yield more steel.

Diving into the story mode will earn you Steel for each mission you complete, provided you've smashed all the breakables in the level, and you'll also get Steel once you've completed the full campaign.